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How many dittos do you need for IV breeding?

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User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#1
I have 9 right now:
- HP/Special Def
- Def/Speed
- Attack/Def/Special Def
- Attack/Special Attack/Speed
- Special Attack/Speed
- Def/Special attack/Speed
- Oh... Anotehr Def/Speed... I guess that means I have 8
- Attack/Sp. Def
- Attack/Sp.Attack

How many more combinations do I need? Is that enough variety?

User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#2
Do I need more? =\

User Info: ffdgh

4 years ago#3
Attack/Def/Special Def
Attack/Special Attack/Speed
HP/Special Def

these are the three you wanna use the most :D
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User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#4
Can I get 5 max with just those 3?

User Info: DunnoBro

4 years ago#5
Generally people breed or otherwise acquire synch pokemon for every nature and catch iv dittos like that, so they get both ivs and nature passers. By the time you're done, you should have every IV.

Also, getting a 3-4 IV ditto or two is very helpful.

But you do have enough variety to get started, but it'll be easier if you get natures too. You will also get better combinations to accomindate a lot of situations, ideally you want the following stats paired together at least:

HP/Defense/Sp.Def + everything else
Attack/Speed/Sp.Atk + At least Two of these together

And no, you can get 6 with those 3 assuming you make a baby with 5 and continue breeding with a ditto that has the iv it's missing.

Additionally, after you get your dittos, I suggest you begin breeding mons with either large egg groups, or is a dual egg group. This will make future breeding projects much easier, and you can trade the 3-4 IV rejects for other egg groups of the same to make it even easier on yourself later.

I don't even use dittos at all anymore except to get natures. I have 6 IV males for half the egg groups now.
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User Info: ffdgh

4 years ago#6
yup. all the evs you need are there. Just need to get them onto the eggs

HP/Special Def to get the hp IV first to get the HP IV.

Then Attack/Special Attack/Speed.

Last, Attack/Def/Special Def
the current condition of Nintendo by internet standards.DOOOOOMED
Keyblades and a flightless angel.

User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#7
This is the first gen that I've bothered trying to do breeding.

It's still so complicated... -_-

Thanks for the advice, though.

User Info: Speedlot

4 years ago#8
I started with a 3 IV ditto. Have like 25 different 5 IV pokemon now. About 3-4 for each pokemon.
I have 5 IVs Modest Squirtles and 5 IVs Adamant Axels. WANT +4 +5 Dittos
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User Info: Magmasta

4 years ago#9
Well any ditto that has the same stats as the other is pointless

So if you want attack and speed to pass plus a little defence in the mix you're going to want a ditto with perfect attack and speed than another one with perfect defence and special def preferably.

Using a ditto with both defences and one with hp, spec def, and attack is completely useless.

You want to pass three stats at 31 for starters than the other two on ditto hopefully with the destiny knot after much time and effort.

So all dittos need different stats that you want maxed

any similar ones can be tossed or wonder traded

So if you want mixed sets that spec attack and attack 31 iv can do wonders for you

Really hard to say how many you need because they're so many varieties of pokemon builds.

Of course you do need a ditto for almost every nature, not just the ivs.
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User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#10
Do I really need a ditto of every nature?

Can't I just breed it into whatever I'm matching with the ditto?

Is it just for a convenience factor?
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