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Are you a hardcore pokemon player?

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User Info: Second_Hokage

4 years ago#1
Do you follow EV's, IV's, and Natures religiously?

User Info: CruxisInhibitor

4 years ago#2
I can enjoy the rigors of competitive battling, breeding, and EVing. I have a whole site of Pokemon down below that i've EV'd personally. I don't take it too seriously, I like to have fun with it and use all different types of Pokemon. I've been playing for more than a decade so I think I consider myself a hardcore player and fan. : Black FC: 2322 5597 1384
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User Info: lunarsword

4 years ago#3
Not at all. Never battled outside the single player, and my team always consists of ones I choose based on visual preference, perversion preference (Lopunny mostly), and a decent elemental balance. I only concern myself with gender when capturing, and nothing else.
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User Info: Soccerelite08

4 years ago#4
Yes and No. I don't battle competitively, but I still enjoy EV training my pokemon, making sure they have good natures, etc.
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User Info: SuperNerdSoren

4 years ago#5
No. no. and no, which would label me as "not hardcore" according to those that do follow them religiously. *rolls eyes*
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User Info: SNIvory

4 years ago#6
Not really, but I hate losing. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.. I got fed up with Mega Blazikens in Random Matchup, so I trained and bred a sand team with Excadrill, 4 perfect IVs each, maxed EVs and proper Nature. Excadrill just destroys anything and everything that doesn't have Mach Punch..
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