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turning mega should take a turn

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User Info: littlebigpiano

3 years ago#1
shouldn't be able to evolve and then do a move in one turn

User Info: ArcXenos

3 years ago#2
and then half of them would be pointless
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User Info: TerminusEdge

3 years ago#3
And then nobody would ever use mega evolution. Giving your opponent a free turn is never a good thing.
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User Info: Genericgamer667

3 years ago#4
that would make them almost useless
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User Info: YoyokuKO

3 years ago#5
somebody's mad they lost.

User Info: PurpleNarga

3 years ago#6
*mega evolves* *gets knocked out*...yeah no
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User Info: Jaricko

3 years ago#7
I could see it working for Venusaur. The rest would be screwed. Mega Pinsir meet rock type move! Or they just switch into something that counters it immediately. This is what team preview is for. Familiarize yourself with the mega's and expect any one of them to transform.
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User Info: SaydeWindsaur

3 years ago#8
I might be sort of okay with this on certain Pokemon if it meant not having to use a mega stone to evolve (which would therefore free up that item slot).

User Info: Flow_149

3 years ago#9
Maybe, if Mega Evolving became a move and didn't consume an item slot.
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User Info: Darnstuff

3 years ago#10
Someone here needs an extra dose of "git gud"
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