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Why do people not like Delphox's design?

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User Info: FoxFluff

3 years ago#81
I like Braixen quite a lot, but I really dislike Delphox (the official art isn't terrible though). I understand how they tried to balance the design with the ears and legs, but it looks way too much like Arnold/Helga from Hey Arnold to me with those proportions, hence I was very disappointed.

Everyone has preferences!

User Info: wind64a

3 years ago#82
Hoozah123 posted...
Because Delphox look like a old hag wizard while Braxien look like a young magical girl.

I now have the odd urge to name one Walpurgis Night for some reason...
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User Info: flamesaber111

3 years ago#83
Milennin posted...
It loses the cuteness that Fennekin and Braixen had, and doesn't get enough coolness in return to make up for it.

Overall, the design is just really bland and boring to look at.

Can't wait for October!
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