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Is this game good for competition? Does it reward knowing the game mechanics?

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User Info: thebestestbest

4 years ago#61
rabid_g posted...
thebestestbest posted...

You are very bad at magic if you don't understand how luck plays a massive role nor how different matchups can be massively one sided.

Go watch an elves deck lose to a turn 1 reanimated iona naming green and tell me that the elf player had any say in how the game played out at all.

magic is not balanced around legacy or vintage, and I repeat, it is not heavily luck based, there is a small amount yes, but it's not as big as bad players like to think
also lol at calling me bad at magic, I've been to GPs bro, I actually have a couple pro points
the irony of calling me bad at magic because I don't think it's massively luck based boggles my mind, you are so far beneath me when it comes to magic I don't even know what to say, I feel like you won't understand any of it

I'm not responding anymore, this argument is pointless


You are the first person I've ever seen brag about a top 64 finish in a tournament open to anyone who wants to enter.

Every single thing you've said shows you don't really understand how magic works, especially the "not balanced around legacy or vintage" as if combo doesn't exist in almost every format.

User Info: dstarone24

4 years ago#62
Honestly the hardest part of competitive entry is the breeding which has been made way easier.
Tc if you want to try the competitive aspect out first before buying wait a few weeks and play on a simulator. One of the most popular are the smogon servers, they also have lots of info for you to read up on.
In response to the mtg argument ill say this, wizards does not support legacy or vintage near as much as the modern and standard formats due to the reserve list therefore one can relativly safely say it isnt balanced around them. Yes mtg has a definate luck element as anyone whos been mana screwed or flooded can attest to, but it can be managed by better deck construction. You can even break it down into flat percentages for every possible draw combinations. Mtg is a math and rules lawyering game that is almost card board crack and shouldnt be compared to pokemon in IMO.
"The only things in life that are infinite are mans capacity for stupidity and his potential for greatness"

User Info: FluffySD

4 years ago#63
Probably mentioned before but there is a friendship mechanic with the Pokemon you raise(hours and hours of playing with that Pokemon in Pokemon amie) that boosts ur critical rate gives you a chance to avoid certain moves like fake out by pass certain moves boosts ur accuracy (in the sense if a move has a chance to fail or succeed it might auto succeed) and a focus band like effect(chance to live with 1 hp from any attack). This adds huge strategic depth via a cost of slightly depending on luck(does not work in rated battles or random matchups yet though. Or just much smaller chance) which as any tactician knows is a worthy gamble.
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  3. Is this game good for competition? Does it reward knowing the game mechanics?

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