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Event legendaries accidentally leaked on Serebii? (Sorry if old, possibly fake)

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User Info: OldKye

4 years ago#261
Looked up posts about it and supposed Japanese names looks fake (one seems to be the name of a eye wear mascot or something)

User Info: Ryosagi

4 years ago#262
For the last time, fake pokemon names won't show up for anybody else to see when you put it up, but will for these legendary pokemon.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#263
Meta289 posted...
SMASHKING84 posted...
Put my my flabebe on gts asked for"chuggaconroy" accepted.

either chuggaconroy is now offically a pokemon OR you can just put ANY random name on gts and it'll let you deposit that pokemon any way. i wonder if someone NICKNAMES their pokemon cogaconroy will the they be able to get my flabebe? someone try it.

ITP: I didn't read the topic

I'm read the topic now.
It still doesn't answear my second question. i want to see if nicknaming a pokemon will change the abilty to get it. Someone go on a gts with a pokemon nicknamed Jirachi.
And try to see if you can get my flabebe(i used a real pokemon's name so it would show up in yoour search)
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User Info: michelos

4 years ago#264
Diancie i have seen name on gts
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User Info: michelos

4 years ago#265
DexterTheThird posted...
Fire/Water Tiki God volcano pokemon, resembling the odd souvenir... OF COURSE.

That would be awesome and make too much sense.

Strange Souvenir
3ds fc 1650 1974 2862

User Info: el_tercer_poder

4 years ago#266
In any case, it's clear that:

A) Serebii knows something we don't.
B) GameFreak's hiding something (potentially big) within the data of X/Y.

So it's all pretty much a waiting game at this point.
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User Info: SnowxReturns

4 years ago#267
el_tercer_poder posted...
In any case, it's clear that:

A) Serebii knows something we don't.

Indeed, and I'm not buying for a second that he found those names via "trial and error". Even if he did, how would he know the types?

User Info: Master X

Master X
4 years ago#268
We all know those 3 power plants are designed with various energy generation methods that are easily assigned types. There's a trio there. There's also multiple islands (map poster), big patch of unused land area, big unused mountain area, even possibly an area beyond the mountains, and multiple other mysteries in-game unsolved. It's no **** there's plenty of stuff to come. If you pay careful attention when in towns/villages/routes you'll also find multiple dead end paths (no items/NOTHING) where it's clear a path is starting, presumably holding places for entrances to other routes for Z.
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User Info: excelx2

4 years ago#269
Diancie is real. On the GTS I saw it being asked for last night. The name didn't sound familiar and now I see this...
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User Info: Zeraph776

4 years ago#270
I've seen Diancie and Volcanion on GTS looking for scizor's, Though to be on GTS that means they've seen it whether they cheater or not shouldn't there pokedex have pictures and descriptions for the trio.... Why can't I find pictures of the new pokemon trio D:
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