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Things fans want to be in the next Pokemon Games....

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User Info: eimajamie

4 years ago#1
1. Dark Gym
2. An optional "Hard Mode"
3. Gym Leaders with more Pokemon
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User Info: masa8mune

4 years ago#2
4. more customizations.
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User Info: hotrodneptune32

4 years ago#3
5. Be able to remove the hat.
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User Info: untrustful

4 years ago#4
5. Fire/Water type pokemon
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User Info: The Mystical One

The Mystical One
4 years ago#5
I want to be a spy in the next Pokemon game.
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User Info: Alphapac

4 years ago#6
the ability to be challenged by wannabe champions once you become the champ.
The ability to actually see other real players in the world.
A open world with ALL the continents available to explore.
A home for your character with cases and such to showcase all your badges and so forth.
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User Info: digiiiiiiiii

4 years ago#7
1-100: Not having to wait two months for core functionality of the game to be introduced
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User Info: D0CR0CK

4 years ago#8
Pokemon follow you again.

You can become a Gym Leader.

Ability to choose age. (Further character customization.)

User Info: Ituralde

4 years ago#9
Hard Mode option
Keep Super Training.
Remove IVs or increase them all to 31
an improvement to the GTS
A story that is slightly different than defeat evil organisation and collect the 8 badges
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User Info: ThePCElitist

4 years ago#10
Aim for the horn
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