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What is your favorite Pokemon? *On your team, not general favorite*

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User Info: GeneralCortez

3 years ago#41
Snorlax, who is also my favourite pokemon in general

Just a massive kill beast.

Anyway, best moment was, had him at full affection. Team Flare had ground my team down, and Snorlax withstood attacks twice in a row, with 1 HP, and wiped out the Admins
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User Info: jerralmw

3 years ago#42
Most definitely my starter, Greninja. I named it Example and was slaughtering people with megas with Frogadier before it evolved.

Now every time I battle online whether or not my opponent has the mic on I say, "Now follow this Example," as I send out the frog.

A little cheesy but it gained such a good rep early on. Hasn't died in-game yet either... just like Furfrou...
I couldn't think of anything catchy so I chose this.

User Info: Earth_Echidna

3 years ago#43
Quite possibly my top Pokémon on my team is my Malamar, Quoil. Despite Malamar's seemingly-bad stats, Quoil is a beast to use in battles, even when he's not EV trained! Even when he was an Inkay, the use of his moveset managed to take out a Mewtwo, and mere minutes after he evolved, his set of Reflect/Swagger/Foul Play OHKOd a Mega Lucario and pretty much destroyed the rest of my opponent's team with the same set. This motivated me to start EV training him.

Other favourites of mine are Tuscany the Axew (who's shiny), Skylar the shiny Mr Mime (who was found not even 24 hours after Tuscany), Fang the Granbull (present on my team when I found both of them), and Cyndissi the Aerodactyl.
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User Info: Noma9

3 years ago#44
Gotta be Brrgh, my Avalugg. He's a latecomer but my God, he's earned his keep. Between being my favorite Gen VI mon for adorableness alone, he's actually become quite the killer! He destroys fairies and dragons alike all while being super cute. He is perfect and I will treasure him always.
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