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Friend Safari Problem

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User Info: koggx

3 years ago#11
From: scudzilla | #009
Same. I saw all three, but Vivillon doesn't show up.

this my friends Safari also has Vivillon and i have caught one from there but it doesn't show it probably something to do with all the patterns

User Info: mbruno3

3 years ago#12
You're never too old to play video games!!

User Info: InfamousCarl

3 years ago#13
Yeah, it's a Vivillion thing. have a bug safari with it, encountered it a few different times, and still doesn't show on the safari card.

User Info: Lunastone

3 years ago#14
I thought I was the only one losing my mind over this about Vivillion. Same issue, beat the bug to a pulp, caught it, ran from it, and yet the list does not update still.
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