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Help with my Pokemon X Team!

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User Info: Anonilla

3 years ago#1
This is my first time trying to make a competitive team, I really enjoy the 3v3 battles online :)

(lv.82) Crobat - Quirky, inner focus, black sludge
(HP 267, ATK 202, DEF 162, SP.ATK 131, SP.DEF 150, SPEED 262)

(lv.56) Jolteon - Jolly, Volt Absorb, Deep Sea Tooth
(HP 163, ATK 93, DEF 87, SP.ATK 135, SP.DEF 115 SPEED 190)

(lv.62)Sylveon - Bold, Cute Charm, Pixie Plate
(HP 219, ATK 99, DEF 102, SP.ATK 180, SP.DEF 178 SPEED 103)
Dazzling Gleam
Draining Kiss

(lv.82) Charzard - Calm Nature, Blaze ability
(HP 253, ATK 164, DEF 145, SP.ATK 219, SP.DEF 170 SPEED 210)
Shadow Claw

(lv.61) Kingdra - Lax, Swift Swim, Deep Sea Scale
(HP 177, ATK 154, DEF 150, SP.ATK 137, SP.DEF 116 SPEED 125)
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Flash Cannon
Dragon Pulse

(lv. 81) Tyrantrum - Serious, Strong Jaw, King's Rock
(HP 236, ATK 235, DEF 227, SP.ATK 152, SP.DEF 112 SPEED 162)
Rock Slide
Dragon Claw
Giga Impact

User Info: Mariofan15

3 years ago#2
Your gonna get wrecked.You need to re-breed all of those for better Natures and possibly IV's.
Pokemon White 2 FC:1121-2453-7393
National Dex Completed:9/26/2013

User Info: Anonilla

3 years ago#3
What are IVs? and how do I know if my Pokemon have them?

User Info: lastchild076

3 years ago#4
Go do some research on competitive battling then come back. You're obviously very new and it's way to complex to explain in one post. Guides on EV/IV training are everywhere.
GT: VunterxSlaush
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