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Today,15 years ago...

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User Info: Cat333Pokemon

3 years ago#11
Happy Birthday!
Am I a cat, or am I a Zoroark? ~ 3DS: 0774-4419-4333

User Info: legitgamer405

3 years ago#12
Wow! Even though I've never gotten to experience the first few gens as a kid, I sort of understand how you feel (I started with Gen 4 as a kid). Ignore the second post. >.> I for one, actually care about this. Well, happy birthday!

*sniff* It's been so long... :')
3DS FC: 1564-2580-9641. PM me if you wanna add me. :) Let's trade/battle!
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User Info: cloud8704

3 years ago#13
Happy Birthday!

Hard to believe its been 15 years already...
Generosity is such a Rarity these days.
3DS FC: 3952-7112-7873
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