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Problem while chaining?

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User Info: A_fridge

3 years ago#1
Ok so I just tried to chain in Route 12 and the first patch of grass gave me a shiny Chatot. Well that's great and all but the patch of grass didn't shine when i used the Poke Radar. Anybody know why this is?

User Info: SaydeWindsaur

3 years ago#2
A shiny on the very first patch of grass you encountered with the radar? But no shiny grass animation? If I had to take a guess as to why that happened, I'd say it's probably because your chain didn't technically begin yet. As far as I know, shiny effects only occurs during chains--not before one can even begin (which only officially starts after you KO or catch the first pokemon you encounter with the radar).

But I stand wide open for correction.
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