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How did I get a 2nd starter?

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User Info: steven27614

3 years ago#1
When I started the game I picked Froakie as my starter. Then yesterday I got my 2nd badge. Then I did a wonder trade. It matched me with some dude from Japan. He gave me a level 1 Fennekin. I was pretty happy becuase I thought you could only get one starter per playthrough unless someone is willing to trade. So I thought I got real lucky.

Then I thought about it. How can someone trade a level 1 starter. If I recall your starter levels up after the first manditory fight of the game and it would probably level again after catching a 2nd pokemon. So how was it possible?

User Info: homersimpson132

3 years ago#2
He bred it.
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User Info: fuzi11

3 years ago#3
it hatched from an egg

User Info: matt-nicklin

3 years ago#4
Wonder trade is a random pokemonx it's someone around the world, it could of been a mewtwo it could of been a caterpie.
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User Info: olo17jr

3 years ago#5
It was hatched from an egg.
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