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Breeding Chain Chart Inside

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User Info: kennetic

3 years ago#1
Considering how easy it is to breed perfect IV's now, I wanted to make a pokemon in each category with perfect IV's so I can just jump into breeding any species.

This chart is (very quickly) made connecting the fastest hatching + keeping a close to 50/50 gender ratio to make it easier to get eggs for breeding. This is NOT a chart HOW to breed IV's just a suggested path to have a perfect IV pokemon in every group.

Was gonna keep it for myself, but I figured I'd share. Enjoy!

As a starting point, I HIGHLY suggest yur 1st perfect IV be Magikarp (stupid fast breeding speed).

On another side note, I suggest just getting HP/DEF/SPDEF/SPD maxed. You can add the 5th into the mix when you are actually making the target pokemon.
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