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Remember the first time. (Age checking and nostalgic thread)

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User Info: kaizerkoala

3 years ago#1
Do you still remember the first time you play pokemon?

I started playing it at around junior high school. At that time I don't have my own game boy... So the best I can do is playing it on my friend's one.

The first generation that I've really play is GS. Well, my parent is still don't permit me to buy game boy color... But somehow I could play via emulator (I am a bad kid back then)

RSE is similar story except that I start to play competitive battle for the first time until the presence of Blissey bore the hell out of me....

DPP... well Now I'm not a school kid anymore. As a newly graduate engineer, I have some spare money to buy my own DS. It's the first time I own the legit copy of Pokemon game :)... and then...

Engineer life you know you rarely play after that....

BW2 - I don't own HG/SS or BW1 as I don't have time to play... until I go back to school for master degree.... I move to different country and left my old and beat up DSlite at home :). Somehow, gamestop opposite to my apartment have bw2 in the store. I got a cheap refurbished 3DS from the internet... (with some debris in the screen... my biggest mistake...)

and then you know... new gen X&Y...

At first I hate the graphic at X&Y when the trailer come out... and don't plan to buy it... but then again some gravity take me to gamestop. I can't even wait to order it online for cheaper price :(

This series is so long, long way :) I think so many player will be about the same age as me (a guy who almost turn 30 :)
My Nintendo Friend code 0275-7148-1384
For Pokemon Y My safari field is Masquerain, Paras and Vivilion (I know it bad :( )
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