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So... is Looker suppose to be The Doctor?

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User Info: TheSpoofKing

3 years ago#1
Look at the facts:

-He refuses to give out his real name

-His first mission in the Pokemon world was stopping Team Galactic from altering time/space

-He takes on 'assistants' (coughcompanionscough)

-He disappears once the mission if over, never to be seen in that region again

-He looks like David Tennant

Am I the only one that wants him to go allons y?
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User Info: MisterMyster614

3 years ago#2
I've heard this quite a few times and I fully support its authenticity though I don't think he is the Doctor.
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User Info: xfyrenx

3 years ago#3
I did think he could be a parody/reference.
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User Info: xAzNFoRcEx

3 years ago#4
Now if he would just pull out a sonic screwdriver, we would all be set.
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User Info: HeroOfLightPKN

3 years ago#5
He's a parody of Zenigata not the Doctor

International Police Agent
Expert in hand to hand (no guns)
A bit of an odd duck

I kinda wonder who his Lupin on
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  3. So... is Looker suppose to be The Doctor?

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