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My Eevee evolved wrong. -_-

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User Info: PC20XX

4 years ago#1
So, I'm trying to get a Sylveon, right?

I got my Eevee. It learned a fairy type move. Had plenty of affection for me. Was really happy when the evolution screen came up...

Then it evolved into Leafeon.

Without even thinking about it, I had raised it's level in the forest, right beside the mossy rock that causes it to evolve into Leafeon., I guess it did technically evolve right. I'm just a doofus.

Just thought I'd share this amusing tale. Watch where you're evolving your Eevees, kids. Peace out.
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User Info: Black Robe Sage

Black Robe Sage
4 years ago#2
Being near that rock makes leafeon

User Info: Shinebolt

4 years ago#3
I've seen this happen quite a bit over the years and its always the Mossy Rock for some reason. Gotta stay far far away from those rocks especially that magnetic Mossy Rock apparently.
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  3. My Eevee evolved wrong. -_-

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