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Any 3d sprites ruin any pokemon?

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User Info: Adrastia

3 years ago#51
Adrastia posted...
Butterfree's left wing is glitchy. When he flaps it and it goes off screen a bit part of it... doubles up a bit? Not sure how to say it right. But it's weird and it bugs me.

Lord_Xandros posted...
I think Noctowl looks dumb. It looks like it has been stretched sideways, and it doesn't look badass.

I feel the same about Linoone.

I also think Sentret looks weird, like it's arms are way too bulky, and why doesn't it stand on it's tail? I always thought the height was including it's tail, so it actually seems huge now.

It took me awhile to get used to linoone. I kinda regret evolving zigzagoon. My baby isn't my baby anymore. ;_;
It's weird how you can get attached to a particular pokemon even if you can just catch more of the same. I blame Pokemon-Aime this time around.
Now that I think of it, since I got attached to my Keera I should have kept her unevolved and just got a new zigzagoon to evolve. I don't even want to evolve my main pikachu.
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User Info: MachineLove

3 years ago#52
I hate that Charizard is always hovering/flying.

And Miltank's wiggling teats . . .

User Info: bradzsorad

3 years ago#53
Nidoking is one of my favorite pokemon, and I really dislike it's 3-d Form. He looks spacey, I wanted him to look aggressive. His attacking motion looks like he has a nervous tic too.

User Info: Shinebolt

3 years ago#54
Sentret - Looks a bit to chubby.
Miltank - That expression plus bouncing utters.
Nosepass - Didn't dislike him but didn't like him either but holy mother of god 3D did him no favors whatsoever That's a face not even a mother could love.
Wailord - I'll admit it Colosseum spoiled me with that two Wailord battle but who cares? Its a freakin' whale make it look like one!

On the other hand:

Stunfisk - Looks less derpy and more ridiculous now which I find hilarious.
Most of the Kalos pokemon - Eh, its to be expected since they were designed with 3D in mind on their first go around although there are a few misses but that's to be expected too.
Mwile - Was never a fan until now.
Ledian - I always just saw it has a bigger Ledyba but i think it looks really cool in this game. Especially its eyes.

User Info: LRodC

3 years ago#55
Braviary is a fatass.
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User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

3 years ago#56
Rampardos looks fat.
But that started in Platinum.

Its D/P sprites were awesome.
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User Info: ChronoVortex

3 years ago#57
I can not get over how horrible miltank looks
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