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Level 50 battles

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User Info: token_swordsman

3 years ago#1
i'm not asking for them, i'm just wondering something. i've started battling with friends and the level is set to automatically go to 50.

My question is, if i have a level 70 something do the iv/ev levels and all of that go back down to what they were when they were at level 50...or do they stay where they are? i don't want to train up past 50 if its going to be a waste of time so i can have time to train the rest of my team
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User Info: montyai

3 years ago#2
It's not a time machime, just scaling your level down to 50.
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User Info: RPGgamemaster6

3 years ago#3
They don't reset, they are passive stats. Why would they reset anyways? it's like asking if you used sword dance would your attack stay permanently raised O_o
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