Guide to breeding pokemon with Perfect or near-Perfect IVs ver 1.1

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    - Eventually you should have a pokemon with the right nature and egg moves. We are now going to breed for IVs. First, take the everstone from the Ditto and give it to your pokemon. Now, check your Pokemon's IVs (you will also do this at every step), and choose a Ditto that has desirable perfect IVs that your pokemon doesn't. The more perfect IVs the Ditto has, the better. If the number of different perfect IVs between your pokemon and the Ditto is 3 or less, have the Ditto hold a power item. Otherwise, have the Ditto hold Destiny Knot.

    - All of the babies you hatch will still have the right nature and Egg Moves (make sure to withdraw your pokemon from the daycare occasionally to change the order of the moves, when a pokemon learns a new move by level up, the move in the top slot is lost, so keep the egg moves at the bottom), and they may have some perfect IVs. Take them to the IV checker and mark any perfect IVs that they have. If a baby has more perfect IVs than a parent, replace the parent (give the everstone to the baby) and continue breeding. You should switch out your dittos for ones with different perfect IVs once your babies inherit some of the perfect IVs the Ditto has. Once your Pokemon and the Ditto have 4 different perfect IVs between them, switch to the Destiny Knot.

    - As you continue to replace the parent pokemon with superior babies, you will eventually reach the point where between your baby and the ditto you have all desired perfect IVs, and your babies are hatching with 3-4 perfect IVs each. At this point, your goal is to phase out the Ditto. What you need now is to find a male and female baby that have 3-4 perfect IVs each and have all of the desired perfect IVs between them. The female also must have the correct ability (the male can have the wrong ability, the male's ability no longer matters at this stage). Once you have this, replace your parents with these two. One must hold the everstone, and one must hold the Destiny Knot, but which holds which does not matter.

    - Up until this point, there hasn't been too much luck involved in the process. You should generally get a baby with the desired IVs at each stage within 5 pokemon or so unless you're doing something wrong, but now luck is a factor. What you want now is to hatch a Pokemon with 5 perfect IVs in the desired stats. If both of your parents have 4 perfect IVs (if they don't, replace them with 4 perfect IV parents ASAP), the odds to hatch a pokemon with all 5 perfect is about 1 in 24. There is nothing you can do to speed this part up, just keep breeding and checking every baby until it finally happens.

    - You will eventually find one with 5 perfect IVs. If it has the right ability, congratulations, you're done (seriously, don't attempt all 6 perfect, most pokemon don't even use their 6th stat). If it has the wrong ability and is male, replace the male parent with this one, you can now breed another 5IV one much easier than you could before. If it has the wrong ability and is female, life sucks, try again.

    - If you really, really want to get a totally perfect Pokemon, you must breed a male and a female pokemon with 5 perfect IVs in the same stats, and the female must have the right nature. Breed these two together until you finally get a perfect one. You have about a 1 in 200 chance of a hatched baby being completely perfect (there's no way to pass down a 6th stat, so the last stat will always be determined randomly and it must simply happen to be perfect as well). Good luck.

    - If you ever get an all 6 perfect Pokemon, you can breed more of them a fair bit easier than you got the first one by replacing one of the 5IVs with the 6IV. Even though you can't pass down all 6 stats, there's no longer the chance that the Destiny Knot will pick the non-perfect IV to pass down. - Watch me beat "NES Rampart" - My backloggery