Guide to breeding pokemon with Perfect or near-Perfect IVs ver 1.1

    3 years ago #400
    forrestgravey posted...
    Here's a question. I want to go the distance, and get a perfect growlithe. I've got two 5Iv parents, one missing speed, one missing sp. a. If the odds of getting a perfect one are about 1/100, or so was said, how much does that improve if I give, say, the father, a power anklet, to ensure his perfect speed is passed on?

    I assume you know that you need to attach a Destiny Knot to 1 of the parents to guarantee that the children inherits 5 random stats out of 12 (each Pokémon has 6 stats; both parents have a total of 12 stats) of the parent's stats. Attaching a Power item to 1 of the parent will override 1 of the 5 random stats passed down by the parent by guaranteeing that the stat of the parent holding the corresponding Power item is passed down. Also, you sacrifice a slot for holding an Everstone for passing the desired Nature and leave Nature up to luck.

    I say you are better off just breeding using by attaching an Everstone to the parent with the desired Nature, and attaching a Destiny Knot to the other parent until the game gives what you want. Using 2 parents with 5 max IVs each, it should only take you a day or 2 to get a perfect Pokémon.