Guide to breeding pokemon with Perfect or near-Perfect IVs ver 1.1

    3 years ago #408
    I've read some guides to breeding and IVs and whatnot and have some questions.

    So this is what I've gotten out of it so far:

    1) I catch a load of dittos hoping for 3-5 perfect IVs.
    2) Go to the pokemon center in Kiloude City to get your dittos rated.
    3) If he says something about how good a stat is, followed by 3-4 more stats saying how they are "just as good", that means they are the 31 IV stats.
    QUESTION 1: Does the nature matter of the ditto? Or the Pokemon I'm breeding? (let's say Kirlia)
    QUESTION 2: Does the IVs matter of the Kirlia?
    4) Take the Ditto and the Kirlia and breed them, let's say Ditto has perfect HP/SpeD/SpeAtk. Now the Kirlia child will have perfect HP/SpeD/SpeAtk?
    QUESTION 3: Now, do I find a ditto with perfect Speed/Def and breed the new Kirlia with the Ditto? Will that make my Kirlia have perfect stats?

    I'M TRYING TO UNDERSTAND :( someone assist me please.