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Guide to breeding pokemon with Perfect or near-Perfect IVs ver 1.1

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User Info: PikaManiac

3 years ago#401
MrPokemon73 posted...
OMG i don't know if its true but i just legitly bred a shiny eevee and i bred another eevee and the stat judge in kiloude city said my stats couldn't be beat, so could my eevee have perfect IV's?

Only if the Judge mentions all 6 stats before saying they can't be beat.

User Info: EmiArts

3 years ago#402
Thank you so much! :D Is it supposed to be shiny? :O
Let's share Smiley Faces all around! :D
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User Info: sintros

3 years ago#403
Does anyone frogadier and ghastly in their safari?
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User Info: Noriragi

3 years ago#404
Looking for Ditto safari!
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User Info: peruano89

3 years ago#405
Same here need a Ditto
here's my FC: 1247-0151-3051

I don't know what I got PM so I can add you
This isn't a safari thread, stoppit.
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User Info: irlan90

3 years ago#407
noriragi can I add you as a friend in my DS? I'm looking for a ditto too because I guess that is the best method to start learning how to breed good IV mons

I remember being a noob in black & white 2 trying to breed pokemon with singular perfect IV's that I had spend hours upon hours catching... and then hundreds more hours breeding and cross breeding lol........ and the best pokemon I got after literally 20 or so hours breeding 1 pokemon was a 3 perfect IV deino --> hydreigon

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User Info: phrequency-

3 years ago#408
I've read some guides to breeding and IVs and whatnot and have some questions.

So this is what I've gotten out of it so far:

1) I catch a load of dittos hoping for 3-5 perfect IVs.
2) Go to the pokemon center in Kiloude City to get your dittos rated.
3) If he says something about how good a stat is, followed by 3-4 more stats saying how they are "just as good", that means they are the 31 IV stats.
QUESTION 1: Does the nature matter of the ditto? Or the Pokemon I'm breeding? (let's say Kirlia)
QUESTION 2: Does the IVs matter of the Kirlia?
4) Take the Ditto and the Kirlia and breed them, let's say Ditto has perfect HP/SpeD/SpeAtk. Now the Kirlia child will have perfect HP/SpeD/SpeAtk?
QUESTION 3: Now, do I find a ditto with perfect Speed/Def and breed the new Kirlia with the Ditto? Will that make my Kirlia have perfect stats?

I'M TRYING TO UNDERSTAND :( someone assist me please.

User Info: alpachec

3 years ago#409
First of all, breeding a Ditto with a Krilia should give you Ralts (Krilia's first evolutive stage) eggs

Note on 2: (that means they are the 31 IV stats?) Be sure that he says those stats "can't be beat"; as long as you've caught the pokemon on the Friend Safari they should be OK.
QUESTION 1: For competitive battle? Yes, it matters [1]
QUESTION 2: For competitive battle? Yes, it matters [2]
4 and QUESTION 3: It's random. When you breed pokemon 3 random stats (5 if any parent is holding a Destiny Knot) will be passed from a parent. Which stats? It's random. Whose parent are the stats passed? It's random too on each stat. You'll need to hatch the eggs and go to the guy in Kiloude again to have their IVs checked.

[1] The nature increases a stat on 10% and decreases another stat in 10% (if the stat increased and decreases is the same there's no change). In the Summary screen you can see the increased stat sightly in red and the decreased stat in sightly blue.

Since competitive Pokemon rarely run with both Physical attacks (damage calculated by Attack stat) and special attacks (damage calculated by Sp. Attack stat) in the same set you can usually decrease the unused Atk/Sp. Atk stat to have a small boost in abother stat you'll actually use.

[2] IVs matter at competitive scene because they mean a 32 point difference on each stat at level 100, free of charge and even before
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User Info: irlan90

3 years ago#410

I think nature is the easiest part to manipulate, using the everstone if i remember right on the parent poke with the right nature that you want. It will just be tedious around 30-45 minutes of running around catching pokes until you get one with the right nature

The thing is with pokemon with more perfect IV's the easier it is to cross and produce a baby with perfect stats. I think of it like the genetics punnet square we do in high school if you have ever taken a biology class

By the way can someone add me into their friend safari and tell me what I have in my safari please, the more safari friends the merrier :) !

FC: 3952-8433-8984 IGN: Umi
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