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I think I am quite literally the only person online without a Mega on my team

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  3. I think I am quite literally the only person online without a Mega on my team

User Info: Toadster9001

3 years ago#1
It's actually quite disturbing how broken this franchise has become. Masuda claimed they were going to "balance" the game... by making the already good Pokemon even more powerful.
Now you're playing with power.

User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
3 years ago#2
To be fair, Megas are new and exciting. It's only natural people would want to try it out.
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User Info: ChiefCole

3 years ago#3
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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#4
Mega's are made to be the central point of a team that everyone should have.
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User Info: sonofcasbah

3 years ago#5
Nah, I refuse to use Megas too. They're so hilariously broken the metagame is just absolute crap with them running around.
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User Info: Dronagon

3 years ago#6
ChiefCole posted...


as, well, i don't really care about you thinking that~
i think megas are a nice new thing about the 6 gen
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User Info: RPG_Apostle

3 years ago#7
Yeah, Gengar was just fine without a Mega. Same for Gardevoir, Blaziken, Aggron, etc.

Give Shinx a Mega and now we're talking.
I miss Mega Man.

User Info: itachi134

3 years ago#8
Megas aren't overpowered. They are good, but honestly Fairy type + Aegislash balances the whole game.
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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

3 years ago#10
Am I the only person online without a mega....and not bothered by it? I have not seen one that felt "overpowered" or anything, their effectiveness came from their strong team comp they can fit well inside of and take advantage of.

Which applies to just every strong pokemon ever.
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  3. I think I am quite literally the only person online without a Mega on my team

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