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Make a pokemon OP by giving it a single move

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User Info: MagneticSpark

4 years ago#1
Blaziken: Wild Charge

Blissey: Final Gambit
Black 2 FC: 2151-9931-0683

User Info: 123lizardman789

4 years ago#2
Flareon: Flare Blitz

User Info: The_Dragonw

4 years ago#3
Shedinja : Endeavour?
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#4
Mega Gardevior: Boomburst
This is a work of a demon isn't it? Demons here, demons there! It's all so....demoning.

User Info: NeutronStar256

4 years ago#5
I thought Flareon learns Flare Blitz now
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User Info: Takethatback

4 years ago#6
Wobbuffet: Mirror coat

User Info: Oblivion_Slayer

4 years ago#7
Aegislash: Kings Shield... owait
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User Info: iTPCi

4 years ago#8
Magickarp: Splash
FC: 3325-2301-9997
Name: Bails

User Info: Kromlech06

4 years ago#9
Blissey: Transform
3DS FC: 2277-6801-3957
PM and I'll add you too. You know you want Water Absorb Maractus.

User Info: MarikofKrosa

4 years ago#10
NeutronStar256 posted...
I thought Flareon learns Flare Blitz now

Yes it does, Serebii confirms this at Level 45.
I am the prince of all Krosans! What are you?
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