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Worst Kalos Pokemon!!!

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User Info: Warhead64

3 years ago#1
For this topic we'll be talking about the worst pokemon from the 6th generation.

Rules are simple

1. 6th gen pokemon only no pokemon from the other generations.

2. Names as many as you can (don't say all of them).

3. Explain why they suck based on stats, design, moves, types, etc.9 (you dont have to do all of them just some examplesof why they are terrible)

and thats is all I'll be counting the votes at the end so go crazy and have fun.
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User Info: endergamer537

3 years ago#2

Horrible design and stats


lol dat Sp Def
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User Info: SSj3BillMurray

3 years ago#3
Every fairy type, because i hate new things.

User Info: Solar20xx

3 years ago#4
SSj3BillMurray posted...
Every fairy type, because i hate new things.

oh my...
Crap, I edit a lot.
Sometimes even serious times have their funny moments:

User Info: J_Applei

3 years ago#5
SSj3BillMurray posted...
Every fairy type, because i hate new things.

lol you're funny... Wait, guys. I don't think he's joking...
I don't give a FAQ.
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User Info: ssbmchamp109

3 years ago#6
Pansage... Oh wait...
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User Info: PuppetMonarch

3 years ago#8
Carbink for me.

I don't care if it has any potential in combat. It could of had an awesome evolution. Instead it is just...Carbink. The Floating Rock Imp Thing of Imminent Disappointment. People ragged on Klefki for being a keyring but dis guy? Dis guy...Even Binacle had the decency to have a cool evolution.
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User Info: Manahchu

3 years ago#9
Barbaracle looks pretty bad imo. Awful color scheme and it has what looks like a hand for a head.
Binacle's faces look constipated too, but at least it's funny XD
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User Info: eimajamie

3 years ago#10
Slurpuff & its evo and the Keychain, worst designs of the entire series
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