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Hex Maniac appreciation thread!

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User Info: Luciensaurus

3 years ago#81
They seem nice, like most of them praise your trust/love/connection/whatever with your pokemon, even when theirs get smashed so badly by a blaze kick to the face. I escpecially like the one with the Fairey Girl that has a gallade. A nice addition to the PokeDex, if I do say so meself.
Me: Mmkay, prolly just some standard ghost and fairy ty-GAAALLAAADE HOLY CRUDMUFFINS
-after battle runs off to catch some ralts-
PS I wonder why there's no Megallade/Galladinite. Gallade is infinitely better than Gardevoir if you focus more on regular Atk or Def.

PSS I like them because they remind me of one of my characters, too. Only said character is a murderous savage in addition to completely floppin' insane.

User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

3 years ago#82
Ok I went to her. She gave me DOUBLE TEAM of all things lol!! Funny after the Double Team outrage this board had recently lol.
Females are the greatest beings in the universe!!!
Users who agree: TWENTY!
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