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How to get MEW in Pokemon X and Y!! CONFIRMED!!!

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User Info: FizzyFloat

3 years ago#1
To capture Mew in Pokémon X and Y, fly to Dendimille and follow route 17 to Anistar City. Next, fly to Couriway Town and then go towards the north and battle with the person who offers Inverse battles. Upon defeating him in battle, fly to Victory Road and go towards the west in the direction of Santalune City. As you go into Route 22, the menu will automatically appear randomly; hit 'B' to close it, and a fight against an level 5 Mew will begin.

Your Welcome :)
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User Info: Serisse

3 years ago#2
I think you're forgetting the part where we look under the truck
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User Info: beebarb

3 years ago#3
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User Info: Solar20xx

3 years ago#4
lol what a reference
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User Info: GX1997

3 years ago#5
Was expecting something about a truck.Was dissapointed.

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User Info: Mega Wolf

Mega Wolf
3 years ago#6
to bad you cant fly to victory road.
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User Info: Nado6

3 years ago#7
Don't I need to teleport in the wild grass?

User Info: RuneArcanis

3 years ago#8
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