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What you hate the most about this fanbase

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User Info: JayStrike

3 years ago#1
now there are a lot of things about this franchise i really but i want everyone else's opinion too. You can name as many as you want as long as you state a reason for each. I'll go first

The Cuteness Cravers
I absolutley hate these guys if you don't know its the people that say aw that's so cute i better catch it and then say that this or that isn't cute so its automatically horrible oh some Water serpent horrible some humanoid with a weird pink tail horrible some ok you see what i mean and I'm dead serious

The Judge a book by a cover
sorta fits in with the last topic basically bad design bad pokemon however this is very rare considering they're not much Good bad designed pokemon

User Info: pmaster

3 years ago#2
The hackers.

User Info: ThunderPotato

3 years ago#3
The furries.
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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#4
pmaster posted...
The hackers.
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User Info: darkeric7x7

3 years ago#5
ThunderPotato posted...
The furries.
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User Info: addicted2curry

3 years ago#6
ThunderPotato posted...
The furries.
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User Info: SoaringBlizzard

3 years ago#7
pmaster posted...
The hackers.

User Info: ArcXenos

3 years ago#8
The furry hackers
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User Info: GHofPersia

3 years ago#9
The vast majority of people who fill the GTS with troll requests and completely one sided trades.
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User Info: Kinneth123

3 years ago#10
The Hackers.

A.K.A. "Let's come up with every reason not to play the game properly no matter how easy they make it".
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