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How many of you actually caught a shiny in the safari?

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User Info: Krissi2197

4 years ago#1
If so, how long did it take?

I'm wondering if it'll take longer to find a shiny in the safari rather than breeding. I know its based on luck, but it seems that the chances are so much higher in the safari, even if you're using the masuda method.
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User Info: Pikassassin

4 years ago#2
Me. I got one within an hour accidentally. It was a Gyarados.

User Info: slayaman

4 years ago#3
The other day i was hunting dittos. Second ditto of the day was shiny so.
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User Info: tohotospicy

4 years ago#4
i got an esspar. i was surprised.
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User Info: The_Emperess

4 years ago#5
I have no idea. I've spent hours on doing both and so far, nothing. :(

I'm beginning to think my game is glitched and shinies are rigged to be impossible, haha.
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User Info: KoN_Wusty

4 years ago#6
Found a Shiny Maractus. Wasn't hunting for anything, just going through my friends and figuring out what was in their safaris.
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User Info: Krissi2197

4 years ago#7
I've noticed that people seem to find shinies the most during the first couple encounters when they first enter the safari. Think that's a coincidence or is it just luck?
3DS FC: 1461 6423 5325

User Info: VengefulShoe

4 years ago#8
Got a shiny Lampent while just checking my friend safaris. It was the second one I ran into.
GT: VengefulShoe
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User Info: AwkwardTurtle26

4 years ago#9
I got a flechinder !
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User Info: IndigoIce

4 years ago#10
I was expecting one after reading all these post, but it didn't came up to me. :(
I guess it'll come during the unexpected.
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  3. How many of you actually caught a shiny in the safari?

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