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Theory on Shiny Rate in Safaris

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User Info: Krissi2197

3 years ago#1
I apologize if this topic has been created already. Pulled up a search and I really didn't find much.

Recently I've asked a few of my friends about finding shinies in their friend safaris, and all of them told me they found one within the first 1-2 encounters after entering the safari for the first time.

This is making me think that maybe, possibly, the chances of getting a shiny the first time you enter somebody's safari is really really high.

Thoughts on this?
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User Info: Rupin_Salesman

3 years ago#2
I highly disagree. I entered so many safaris with so many encounters.

Not a single shiny.
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User Info: VaironGod

3 years ago#3
My only shiny I got today from a safari (a pupitar)
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User Info: Krissi2197

3 years ago#4
VaironGod posted...
My only shiny I got today from a safari (a pupitar)

Mind telling us when you got it? Like did it take you a while to find it or did you find it almost as soon as you entered the safari?
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User Info: naruko243

3 years ago#5
I dont believe this is the case, i do agree that the rate has increased in the safari but i dont know about the time itself ive gotten 5 shinies from the safari so far and they range from first few encounters for one, and 5+hours for another
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User Info: Geminia999

3 years ago#6
Hm, I'm tempted to say that this probably isn't the case, but my shiny was the second I ran into in that safari >_>
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User Info: Tyrant_o_Terror

3 years ago#7
Probably just a coincidence but my Shiny Wartortle was also the second encounter. I was looking for Protean Frogadier.
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User Info: SpankedEagle

3 years ago#8
Thinking about I'm pretty sure my pumpkaboo was the first Pokemon I ran into in that safari.

then yesterday I got a shiny ferroseed first encounter. Then switched safaris and immediately got a shiny klefki.

I almost wanna say yes.

User Info: Takarimon

3 years ago#9
Charmeleon, first encounter. Not the first time I entered the safari though but went back to catch HA and bam, Shiny.
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User Info: PKMNgamer27

3 years ago#10
I'm starting to think this could be legit because I've been keeping track and all 3 of my shinies were the third encounter in their respective Safaris
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