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Great... now I have no spirit...

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User Info: Tali_Zorah

3 years ago#1
Doing my usual re-run on X using a freshly bred team of pokemon I haven't used before from Y, I made some space when I evolved my Nincada so that I could also get a Shedinja out of it. Once I had my Shedinja, I decided to try it out in Pokemon Amie.

...its damn back was turned straight at me, pretty much forcing me to look straight into the hole in its back. So yeah, now I have no spirit. Thanks, Gamefreak.

On a side note, it's interesting to note that despite pretty much being a completely separate and new pokemon, Shedinja retains whatever Affection level your Nincada had (so does Ninjask, but since it's a direct evolution, that's not a big surprise). Also, if you plan on having a Shedinja with maxed affection on your team, it's best to max it out while it's still a Nincada, because Shedinja has no Fullness meter and doesn't react to food at all, which would make bonding with Shedinja a fair bit longer than many other pokemon.
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User Info: ObjectiveLogic

3 years ago#2
Funny and informative. I like this thread.
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