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What's Your Style!?

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User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#11
SuperRup91 posted...
I'm still pissed they won't let you take off your hat. I mean how hard is it to program that in? Was there any reason not to allow the option?

I'm guessing because it rains in the game and they won't let you have an umbrella for some reason, so you have to wear a hat to keep your head dry.
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User Info: ao_bomber

4 years ago#12
HeatShield . . . I love the charged shot for it, the free barrier at the start is neat too.

.... Wait. What game are we talking about again?

Oh... Well I don't really bother with the character design, as the trainer doesn't do much besides move around and whatnot. I do sometimes cut my character's hair short, but that's it. I kinda like his default outfit.
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