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Worst Starter And Best Starter?

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User Info: CodyTwoHottie

3 years ago#1
Fennekin , Froakie , Or Chespin which one is the best and which one the worst?

now i know this is all by player's choice but throughout the Gen's we've always had that one starter thats always bad Gen 1 Bulbasaur , Gen 2 Chikorita , Gen 3 im not too sure it might have been Treecko but i don't know . . Gen 4 now this one is just my choice but Piplup idk what the real one is , and lastly Gen 5 which was i believe Snivy which is sad i like Snivy :(

if im wrong on some of these then hey im wrong go yell at me in the comments but which outta the three in this Gen do you believe is a bad starter and which one is the best?

High Special Attack And Speed
kinda a crappy moveset

High Special Attack/Attack And Speed

High Attack And Defense
kinda not enough fighting moves till the end but hey he does get some good ones
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