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So what's your favorite/least favorite Type now (aesthetically)?

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User Info: Companion_Cube_

3 years ago#11
Fav.: Fire/Water

LF: Ice, Grass
Pokemon Y Friend Safari Pokemon: Dedenne, Electabuzz, Zebstricka
3DS FC: 3024 - 5019 - 8681 (PM me to add me)

User Info: MaruKazeryu

3 years ago#12
with Meowstic and Gardevoir on Psychic, it's tied with Ice
4639-9811-6534 -Pokemon X/Y Friend Code. PM if you add. Trainer name: Marii
Friend Safari: Grumpig, Sigilyph, Girafarig

User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

3 years ago#13
Favorite: Water
Least favorite: Either Fighting, Rock, or Poison
Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam.
3DS FC: 3222-6121-8437

User Info: ZarethKnyght

3 years ago#14
Mewtwo. He's still his own type in my book.
FC: Zareth - 2208 5675 6013
Student of Mewtwo, the true Badass of Pokemon.

User Info: BlackSoulMoV

3 years ago#15
fav dark and bug
and I can't stand some fairy types.
FC 4441 9514 4934

User Info: Yelnam-26

3 years ago#16
Favourite: Fighting(The hitmons are awesome)
Least favourite: not sure really.
Smoke me a kipper, Ill be back for breakfast.
3DS XL FC: 1005 - 8990 - 2929 Name: Yelnam

User Info: KRDsonic

3 years ago#17
Favorites: Dark/Steel
Least Favorites: Fairy/Psychic

User Info: punisher1379

3 years ago#18
Favorite: Electric
Least: Dragon or Steel
X FC: 3308-4554-9793 Name: Blake
Electric Safari: Stunfisk, Electrode, Manectric
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  3. So what's your favorite/least favorite Type now (aesthetically)?

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