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Shiny Gabite Story

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User Info: Killago0mba

3 years ago#1
Hey everyone. I know people have mentioned improved shiny rates in the friend safari, and now I can see that really may be the case.

I was checking out all of my friends' safaris and one of them had a Dragon type zone. Garchomp was part of my main team in Diamond and one of my favorites, so I caught a few Gabite for future IV breeding purposes.

Now I didn't know that your friend had to beat the Elite Four to unlock the third pokemon, so last night I spent about a good half an hour to an hour trying to make it appear. I then ran into my first shiny in my history of playing Pokemon games. Instead of using a Master ball I decided to False Swipe it and then use a Luxury Ball instead. You know what comes next...Gabite breaks out and before I can try again with Sleep Powder it uses Takedown and kills itself. None of the other Gabites I caught while using False Swipe used Takedown on me, but this one Shiny just had to do it.

The thing is, I was pretty mad for messing up and getting too ahead of myself, so I decided to try and find another even though I believed the chances to be slim. Lo and behold, an hour to an hour and a half later I bump into another one. This time I go straight for Sleep Powder and then manage to snag it on the first Luxury Ball. The nature is neutral, but at least it has maxed Attack and Speed IVs.

Now I really believe the shiny rate increases greatly in friend safaris given what happened.
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