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Riolu evolution?

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User Info: GeminiDeus

3 years ago#11
LunarGriever posted...
When you say moving around, does the pokemon need to be in the top spot?

No. By moving around I mean walking. It doesn't matter where in your party it is, but JUST walking will take a long time. Use it in battles, don't let it faint, give it a massage as someone suggested, and use vitamins if you can afford them. There's also a Soothe Bag you can get from Super Training, kinda rare I guess, but will help a lot. Just be aware that if you do find a Soothe Bag, you have to punch it about 240 times or so.
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User Info: Halectic

3 years ago#12
Use Sooth bags in super training and it will evolve in no time
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User Info: Dark Hunter GC

Dark Hunter GC
3 years ago#13
Give it soda, get it massages, slide rails outside of Lumiose City. Do that or just ride your bike around for 30 minutes or so, go watch a tv show or something. Other thing that works, go to an early game area and demolish level 2-5 pokemon to make him happier. I did that latter, and in a luxury ball, he evolved after 45 minutes or so.
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