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The 'Single-stage Pokemon' unappreciation topic

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User Info: Chaosxxxsoul

3 years ago#21
legendrider posted...
But people, people.....answer me this......


According to bulbapedia, he's supposed to be based of this:

"Dunsparce is based on the mythical tsuchinoko, a serpentine cryptid of Japan. Similar to Bigfoot or the Chupacabra, sightings and reports appear in Japanese media; however, hard evidence is always lacking. Tsuchinoko are 30 cm to 80 cm long, with a large head and poisonous fangs. Its body is thicker than its head and tail. The noises it makes resemble squeaks, chirps and snores. Unlike real snakes, which slither from side to side, a tsuchinoko wiggles ahead in a straight line. The tsuchinoko curls its body to leap through the air. Moreover, the fact that Dunsparce, a snake-like creature, has wings also brings to mind the motif of the Feathered Serpent, a prominent deity or supernatural being in many Mesoamerican religions. In addition, Dunsparce shares some traits with bumblebees, including their stripes, tiny wings, stinger-like tail, and the fact that they burrow into the ground. This may be a visual pun inspired by the name "bachi hebi" (literally "bee snake"), which the tsuchinoko is also known by."

Why isn't he has badass as that thing???
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User Info: DarkHeroRaven

3 years ago#22
Bridgemanz posted...
But the best example has to be Togetic. That Pokemon looked amazing, then they make a new evolution... Seriously, what even is that? It looks like a giant floating testicle with wings.

You did not just say that about my precious Togekiss :(

User Info: GoldenFantasy

3 years ago#23
Wolfie_Claws posted...
Just to clarify, this is not a topic that looks down on the single stage Pokemon like Druddigon and Klefki, but rather the Single Stages itself. Every pokemon except legendarys should evolve. Alot of pokemon would have been so much more useful and cooler if they weren't stuck in this one single stage. (Dunsparce, Carbink, etc) Let's show our unappreciation to the fact that some pokemon gets the shorter end of the stick because GF doesn't feel like giving every pokemon an evolution!

There are tons of single stage pokemon that shouldn't evolve. Things like Farfetch'd and Dunsparce should evolve. Shame Mawile didn't get an actual evolution.

Things like Tauros, Lapras, and Ditto should not evolve. Maybe a megalution.
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User Info: CarbideTitan

3 years ago#24
Wolfie_Claws posted...
jongiplane posted...
Many non-evolving Pokes are as strong, or stronger, than full-evolved Pokes.

When i want everyone to evolve, i'm not just talking stat-wise. I feel a great sense of progression when i catch a Pokemon and have it evolve later in the game. Also, some pokes really needs it design wise too. Klefki is an amazing Pokemon (again, *flame shield*), but it would look really good with an evo design wise. Like, level up Klefki with a Honedge in your party, and it would evolve into a Keyblade.

Your powers of observation continue to serve you well.
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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

3 years ago#25
But the best example has to be Togetic. That Pokemon looked amazing, then they make a new evolution... Seriously, what even is that? It looks like a giant floating testicle with wings.

Literally made one of the most awkward looking pokemon into a stealth bomber. I know opinions are opinions but goddamn this is a bad one. Also, if your testicles look anything like Togekiss see a doctor right now. Scientists need to study this.

User Info: CircleOfManias

3 years ago#26
Unown should have evolved into Sigilyph.
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User Info: KingofDeceit666

3 years ago#27
Druddigon not having any evolutions is a muhfuggin travesty. Imagine how beastly-looking it could become if it had two evolutions.

Aside from some select legendaries, I don't even use pokes that don't evolve. Regardless of their strength. I just get bored with them. I really like just being able to evolve pokemon, and those that don't ever evolve (or have ever evolved, excluding pointless babies) aren't ones I even like using. - -

User Info: PhoenixAA

3 years ago#28
Farfetch'd should NEVER get an evolution!
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