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All of you anti-hackers: post your reason and I'll tell you why you're wrong

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User Info: SSJ4Arquillius

3 years ago#151
Okay, let's use some logic here.

Anti's are cursing about hackers... not cheaters as they should, but for sake of arguement, Let's pretend that they weren't confusing the two, and they were cursing about hackers.

Except the game hasn't been hacked yet. The game code has been dumped yes, but hackers have never needed a game code dumped in order to make a code. My point to prove this is Yugioh Forbidden Memories, and I appologize to anyone who's heard this story a billion times, but back in the day, we didn't dump games as easily as we do now. There was no real way for those who made the codes to dump the games, or access the dumps. Do you know how I hacked it? I plugged my gameshark into the back of my PSX and started using random coding... and what I was looking for was not what I found. I was looking for the code for infinite star chips, and found the all cards codes. And so I went, figuring out which code I had hit, and going through line by line adding it to my shark, then writing it all down on paper, and the next day on my free period at school I jumped on the message boards and shared what I found. Then I went over to my buddy's house, cause he had the game too, and gave him all the cards.

Was it unfair? Nope. Why? Because the programmers put in a road block that kept you from completing the game. If you don't know Yugioh, what they did was put in this obscenely strong opponent who's deck was filled with the strongest monsters, strongest traps and strongest spells.

Oh and if you even figured out the game, the best monster you could make... was only 2800 atk. So yeah, boned, and wiped out in 2 turns. Apparently what you were supposed to do was continually face the guy before him in free duel mode, and get his best cards... until your fingers bled.

The end boss was game breaking, and no one could get past him with out cheating. I have that game sitting in a binder in my room somewhere still, I got it from a friend long ago in trade for a game that I still think was boring.

Now, let's get into why their whining. They say that it's an unfair advantage, that people are going to use it to make game breaking pokemon and use them in the online play. Let me cover why it's not gonna happen.

First off, Nintendo has been watching the game very closely. This is the first time that it's been released all over the world at the same time. They've been watching the online play for some time now and have been putting up checks to make sure that only Viable pokemon can get through. That means pokemon that could've been breed, or could've been caught in the wild. On top of this they broke the reasons why people cheat. Shinies are way easier to catch using the fishing method, and apparently the pokeradar is back. The road is blocked at every city making you play through the story, which isn't bad. They kept in the pokemon that were the most popular. They wanted people to not worry about money, so they added the cafes. Masterballs are simple to get if you just keep playing the lotto clock game.

So what is there left to cheat? Well if you figure that all of the things I've said are available, not much. In my opinion, the fishing is the only thing really viable to crack.

So what's left with the game dumping....

You wanna know? You really do? A rom. That's it. A fricken Rom.

"But I went out and bought the game for 40 bucks why can't they?"

Not everyone has disposable income, and some have gone to the lengths to buy the 20 dollar flash cart to get 3ds games on it. Those are the people who are waiting for the decryption to happen so that they can play the game.

Anti's have very little to worry about with all this in mind, but I'm still gonna go out, buy a 3ds AR and hack my brains out until there's a code made by me to pave the way for the rest to be hacked.
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User Info: DryGuy84

3 years ago#152
3PiesAndAFork posted...
DryGuy84 posted...
3PiesAndAFork posted...
mawk366 posted...
3PiesAndAFork posted...
I don't play competitively, so I have no bias here.

No bias? In a human? That is not possible, we all have bias. Please refer to your psychology textbooks, and various research materials. None the less I kinda like this troll. He is very funny. So I'll bite. Om nom nom. My reason is as follows:

Due to the fact that you are acting as if cheating in a game is ok, it is clearly not; you are you, therefore you are wrong. :P I can be a troll too! Yay! This is fun! Anyways, sorry if anyone gets offended by this. Well, that is with the exception of 3PiesAndAFork. Still though kinda nice to hear that someone is so opinionated, and more than willing to share them. I hope though that is is meant as a gag thread as this would be kind of sad otherwise.

With Love,


P.S. I have no bias either! Yay!

Hacking is okay, for the reasons I outlined in this topic, and that were said by various other people. I do not have bias, because I don't play. I'm looking at this from an objective point of view, which is more than can be said from everyone else in this topic. This is why I am right, and one of the reason's I created this topic.

Another reason was to get a reaction from all the butthurt anti-hackers such as yourself. I am, as you so very well put, a troll. A successful one at that, considering how many tears have been shed in this topic.

I do feel I accomplished both of which I set out to do, so thank you. Please cry some more; I am still hungry.

But you have no way to prove an anti-hacker wrong, because it is opinion. You can support your opinion on the matter with your logic and reason, but you can't prove it, because from an objective standpoint there is enough logic and reason on both sides to warrant either being "correct" in the matter. The previous statement defines what makes something controversial (in most cases).

Basically, there is no objective approach that can disprove your opposing argument or vice versa. Unless factually incorrect statement are made you can't prove/disprove anything here.

Damn it. You're using logic. The only one in 15 pages to do so, including myself.


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User Info: DontBeHero

3 years ago#153
wait, are ppl complaining about hacking pokemon with 100% accurate ohko moves (which don't exist) or just getting the desired pokemon faster with legitimate move sets and stats which affect no-one in anyway shape or form?
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User Info: 3PiesAndAFork

3 years ago#154
DontBeHero posted...
wait, are ppl complaining about hacking pokemon with 100% accurate ohko moves (which don't exist) or just getting the desired pokemon faster with legitimate move sets and stats which affect no-one in anyway shape or form?

The latter.
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User Info: RedblueGuy

3 years ago#155
I like how I bring up a few points as to why printing pokemon affects folks, but it's completely glossed over by folks STILL b****ing and not actually reading anything.

Wtf, guise.

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User Info: koronatheif77

3 years ago#156
I breed and hack.
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