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If IVs didnt exst no one would have a problem with breeding.

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User Info: kabigon20

3 years ago#1
You know it's true. And before anyone starts explaining the destiny knot and friend safari crap to me, it still takes a long time to get good IVs. Way too long. Its just less than last gen, but still too much. It took me 4 hours to get a galewings fletchling with 5 perfect IVs. it was mind numbing and incredibly boring. Keep in ming i was breeding two fletchlings with 4 perfect IVS and using destiny knot and everstone.
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User Info: Gsus_94

3 years ago#2
cool, nothing we can do about that.
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User Info: invidoverlord

3 years ago#3
yup, i just got my sniper skorupi with 5 iv's and just asked the board how to raise it since im new to the breeding, training thing.

but ditto, it took hours to get just 1 5 perfect iv
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User Info: CircleOfManias

3 years ago#4
One item would fix everything. A hold item that ensures that each IV of the baby is higher than the higher corresponding IV of the parents, possibly with the drawback that it can't be shiny.
So, for example, if the parents are 31/25/22/4/31/18 and 14/27/30/28/19/29, the minimum IVs of the baby are 31/28/31/29/31/30.
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User Info: KIngdomSora50

3 years ago#5
Which is why we "hack" to bypass this stupid system

User Info: Mivo

3 years ago#6
Yeah, a lot of people who say it's easy and effortless to get 5 perfect IVs seem to start out with 4-5 IV parents, or a 4-5 IVs Ditto. Just getting eggs from a parent + Ditto in the beginning of the breeding cycle is already time consuming.

Once I had two same-type parents with 5 IVs, getting babies with 5 IVs was fine, and I even managed a perfect 6 IVs Shinx, but I'd say that all in all I spent around 10 hours on that, and I didn't have an iota of fun doing it.

It is MUCH easier than before, but by more "healthy" standards, it's still off to do something extremely boring and un-fun for several days worth of recreation time just to be able to compete on an even level with either breeders or hackers. (If I couldn't breed pokemon while at work, I'd probably get two hours of play time in per day.)

User Info: Crimson_Spider

3 years ago#7
The OP hit the nail on the head.

In all the games I've played that has had rampant hacking, Pokemon is the only game where hacking is done almost exclusively to get a fair playing ground. Usually you see something like infinite HP or boosted stats or impossible movesets. But in this game, the "hacked" pokes are nigh indistinguishable from legit ones.

It is all due to one thing: the IV system. Sure, getting a poke with the right nature and ability can be difficult, and all the training and breeding needed to get all the egg moves and abilities can take time, but that is all microscopic to the behemoth that is the IV system. The IV system is what makes a poke otherwise worthless for combat, makes the game unfair from a statistical standpoint, what makes legit shiny pokes useless for battle, and is what causes people to run up and down while waiting for an egg for weeks at a time. The fact that such a system exists in a game where you are encouraged to go online and play against other people is astonishing. Things like natures and EVs and abilities encourage diversity, whereas IVs are a flat tax on performance that offers nothing in return.
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User Info: BaitandSwitch

3 years ago#8
I know I hold the unpopular opinion on this, but it's quite the opposite in my case. I prefer that you actually have to put in some effort to increase the competitiveness of individual pokemon.

So boohoo, you can't have everything you want for no effort. I really hope it stays this way.

User Info: Zabie_W

3 years ago#9
If IVs did not exists. People would hack anyway to get Shiny pokemons and pokemons with egg moves/Event only moves.

User Info: Inferno05

3 years ago#10
Shiny, yes. There are those like me who consider shiny nothing but a glorified pallet swap and don't mind hacking for them. We're not going to trade them out to the world, what would we want that we can't make ourselves? It's just that I prefer orange Chandelure to purple. For egg moves, people would just level up the parents and then breed properly. Without IVs there would be no hacking except for shiny, and since we wouldn't trade these shinies there would be no argument because there wouldn't be even the illusion of some sort of competitive advantage to hacking. With Everstone guaranteeing nature and Egg moves already guaranteed if the baby is compatible, we could then start getting the right pokemon in 1 egg rather than 50. Why would we hack to save 5 minutes of a single breed?
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  3. If IVs didnt exst no one would have a problem with breeding.

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