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Favorite pokemon cry?

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User Info: supertav3000

3 years ago#21
Diddle Liddle Liddle Wop all the way
3DS: 0791-1638-3945

User Info: Mental_Crush

3 years ago#22
Hate Jynx's cry.

I miss Pikachu's old cry...
"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action."

User Info: Xeo352

3 years ago#23
Currently, Pikachu, it's probably gonna fade out and I'll start likeing something else more, but man... It's just so adorable...

User Info: M-Watcher

3 years ago#24
Gen 1: Articuno
Gen 2: Suicune
Gen 3: Rayquaza
Gen 4: Empoleon... or perhaps Kricketune. Maybe Staraptor. Or Palkia. Or Giratina. I can't decide.
Gen 5: White Kyurem or Samurott
Gen 6: To be determined

User Info: DrLuigiPHD

3 years ago#25
Gen 1: Moltres
Gen 2: Lugia
Gen 3: Cradily
Gen 4: Abomnasnow
Gen 5: Meleoetta
Gen 6: Noivern
Certified Practitioner of Internet Memes, Spaghetti, General Animation Awkwardness, and Empty Stares

User Info: ThelceManCometh

3 years ago#26
The lack of Steelix in this topic saddens me. Although I do like his cry better in older generations. I like Hydreigon's too
3DS FC: 3024-4927-2796

User Info: Cropcirclecore

3 years ago#27
Gen 1 - Metapod
- Raichu
- Abra
- Hypno
- Eggsecutor
- Jinx
- Articuno
- Mew
3DS FC: 0774-4304-5255
PSN: xThrillSeekerx

User Info: rkman427

3 years ago#28
Pikachu has the best one now.
I never evolved it just so I could hear it say "Pika!" again and again
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User Info: Yirmishu

3 years ago#29
Lampent. o-o
Raxi: 1177-7462-8014 - Tangela, Quilladin, Petilil
Feel free to add me, just drop me a PM. Breeding Absol if you want a donation.

User Info: DKU_Arich

3 years ago#30
3DS friend code = 2320-7567-3830
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