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What do you do with your extra army of Babies?

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User Info: deoxyscyclone

3 years ago#1
Hallo, peoples! I was thinking recently...

I've never actively tried the Masuda Method, and I've only mass-bred Pokemon a number of times, which makes me curious. With the new, easier breeding mechanics introduced in this game, I will be breeding a few competitive Pokemon, but I have to wonder about some things...

Given how many Eggs/babies you can end up with on a single Pokemon, I can only IMAGINE how many I'd have by the time I finish a team, especially if I get unlucky! So what in the world do you guys do with the excessive amount of extra babies you have?

I don't like releasing Pokemon (legitimately makes me feel bad xD), and Wonder Trading/trading them all seems like it would take ages. So what do YOU personally do? I already have about 3-4 boxes of Totodiles in my Black 2 since I was trying to get lucky with the IVs. xD I got a few great ones that I can't wait to transfer over...

Hmm... Speaking of which, I suppose the Pokemon Bank would help with storing extras, huh? But anyway, thanks in advance! I appreciate it! :D

PS) While I'm here, is there any way to "guarantee" a Masuda Method Shiny to be competitively viable? There's a Pokemon that I want Shiny for my team, so I will try to Destiny Knot a (near-)perfect Ditto with its parent to get the IVs, but that leaves me one item slot... I can't really guarantee that I would get both the Nature (Everstone) that I want or the perfect Speed IV (Power Anklet), huh? I just want perfect Speed. The others can be a few points down without destroying me, I think...
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User Info: Akubarix

3 years ago#2
I wonder trade them away. Someone's gotta flood the world with Scyther, and damn it... It'll be me. As for the mesuda, the only way to tip the scales in your favor is to have good parents and everstone the one with a solid nature. There's no way to get it 100% viable for combat.
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User Info: LordNibel

3 years ago#3
I delete most of the extras but i keep a few in case anyone i know wants them.

User Info: mudkip72

3 years ago#4
I usually release most of them.
I hate having them clogging my boxes up, and more often than not Wonder Trading is just a waste of time getting garbage that I have to Wonder Trade back or release anyway.

User Info: hyperdimeduck

3 years ago#5
Wonder trade them.
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User Info: Crimsin_Giblet

3 years ago#6
I always wonder trade them away, sometimes I end up getting some cool guy, or ones that I haven't yet captured. Most of the time I end up getting doubles though, but I don't mind, I really enjoy wonder trade overall.

User Info: Return_of_the_V

3 years ago#7
idk yet, I have 9 boxes of ralts and 5 boxes of mareeps.... Still trying to come up with something to do with them... >_>
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User Info: Darkure

3 years ago#8
Just finishing up wonder trading 283 Bulbasaurs.
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User Info: Hyper_Ryu

3 years ago#9
Wonder Traded them at first. Now I alternate between releasing some of them, wonder trading or trading through the GTS.

A specific Pokemon's baby army has basically gotten me most of the Y "version exclusives" with the exception of Yveltal...
"I'll show you my superness."

User Info: deoxyscyclone

3 years ago#10
Awesome, thanks for the opinions, guys! I just don't like releasing Pokemon (might be a moral thing, especially since the game makes you feel bad for it xD), so I'll likely be storing, trading, or Wonder Trading them. Depends on how many I get, I suppose.

As for the competitive question I had, thanks, Akubarix. I guess I'll just have to make sure both parents have 31 IVs in Speed and hope for the best. I guess my chances of grabbing Speed as one of the perfect IVs passed on is more likely than using the Power Anklet and hoping for the Nature. ^^"
3DS FC: 5112-3533-9935 ~ Name: Ross ~ Pokemon XY Name: Beta
I'm also a Let's Player on YouTube!
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