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Team Nova RP Episode 7: Chaos Theory part 2

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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#161
"Well, I always use old tales and legends to name my Pokemon." Grant says. "But since you don't have any particular theme going, maybe you could just try to work off of an angle? Like, the wings were made into swords, so name it after a sword. Something like that."

Grant doesn't really have much trouble ignoring the rain, although it does make visibility a slight issue.

"We shouldn't go wandering too far. Want to call for Squirtle and see if we get a response?"


Subject: Re: Yveltal-Mewtwo Network

I see. I fully understand your views on the matter. Just contact any of your subordinates here at my base once you've received word from the doctor.


"Well, then, Mewtwo. Let's just take a quick visit to the Doctor's office." Benga says.

The two appeared in Celeste's lab and waited patiently for his return.


The guards slam the door on Osric's cell once more. Over the past month, it slowly gained some accomodations. A better lamp, a collection of books and a some stationary for Osric to use to write, should he want to.

The light was turned on at some point while he was outside, and a book lay underneath open on a page with various pieces of information about the Pokemon Gardevoir.
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User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#162
The Teleport Capsule reappeared in Celeste's lab. He had made a stop first at his forge off the coast to deposit his his prcious metal payload. Most of it will be unworkable, so he'll need to smelt it into an alloy. The last time he worked with the stuff was 15 years ago, and never this large an amount. It'll take some time to make anything of it.

Until then, he'll make do with his old material. Rolling out of the capsule, he made his way towards his maintenance room, which was busy putting together a prototype inner electronic mesh as per his previous orders. He put his current tattered jacket on the stand for it to have the new reticulum of iron, copper, and silicon installed.

...oh hey, Benga's here. He swivelled around.

"Hello mate! I'm mobile again as you can see. You got news for me?"

Speaking of mates, he had managed to correct his accent from light Scottish to mild Australian. Go figure.
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User Info: IVIasterJay

3 years ago#163
"You make it sound as if I don't already," Jay said, his rainbow sword unwavering from the creature's chest. "Though I must confess, I have far too few sins left at this point." He pushed the end of his sword so the very tip of it was touching the creature over where Jay assumed its heart would be. "Tell me, where do you keep your sins Noel?"
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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#164
"Well, we were hoping you could help us fill out the details about a restricted database." Benga says. "Something that would let our possible new allies have access to our dealings and have an idea of who's with us, but still not reveal too much personal stuff and any top secret... Secrets."
Etrian Odyssey; The only series where hardened warriors have to graduate from killing squirrels, armadillos and grasshoppers to still get stomped by a baboon.

User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#165
Celeste thought for a moment.

"So are we talking about historical report databases? Or technological data sheets and blueprints? The former is much harder to withhold information from. I'm assuming you're asking for a database framework that only looks complete, because an encryption would be found and indicate the withholding of information, and in that case you'd need a discrete filter to only share the information you are willing to, including everything that might come in the future assuming this is continued access...

Um...sorry. I've only just rejoined the world. Mind catching me up on what's going on? I need details. If you want my files specifically you should ask Sycamore. I gave up my rights on them when I thought I was dead. I think he might be a bit more familiar with them at this point."
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#166
John Doe found Hugh coming out of the building where he session was taking place. Hugh was the one who walked up to him.

"There you are", said Doe, noticing that Hugh didn't immediately begin a conversation. "I would like to have a word with--"

"I challenge you", said Hugh.


"I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" he said sternly.

"...Why?" asked John Doe. "As much as I would like to participate in something that's quickly becoming a dying art, why here and now?"

"I want to see how you are really like", said Hugh. "And what better way of doing it than with a Pokemon battle? There's a stadium that's been cleared away over there. One of our soldiers is acting as a referee. Single battle, No Restrictions. We have still functioning Pokemon Center equipment to heal our Pokemon afterward. Are you in, or out?"

Doe observed Hugh's facial expression.

He's serious.

"...Very well. I accept your challenge."


The soldier acting as the referee stood in the middle of the stadium. Debris surrounded the area, and the lack of a roof allowed the rain to fall down to the stadium. The lack of walls meant that spectators would soon be inevitable.

"Are the challengers ready?!" shouted the referee, holding up a flag she procured from somewhere.

"Ready!" shouted Hugh.

"I am prepared", said John Doe.

"Then let the battle..." the soldier brought down the flag. "Begin!"

As soon as the flag was brought down, both battlers sent out their first pokemon. For Hugh, it was Eelektross. For John Doe, it was Grinn.

"Shadow Ball!"

"Eelektross, Crunch!"

Grinn fired off a Shadow ball as the Eelektross charged at him.
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#167
"Simple." Noel would have smiled as he replied. "I have none."

Noel slid back about ten meters before sinking into the ground again. His voice resonated through the earth as he spoke again.

"I exist only to better the world, and those like you stand in my way. I am the third N, the product of the two beings you just killed."
Official Amnesiac Darkrai of the Pokemon X Board
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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#168
Ummm... Mewtwo?

"Yes, Benga?"

Help! I have no idea what the Doctor is saying! It's all incyption this date her that! I don't want to have sexual relations with a corpse!

"...He's talking about the database, Benga. Look, just tell Maxie that we'll send him a proposed database model shortly. Since the doctor gave us permission to use his files how we want, I'll have Sycamore whip up a restricted database and hide all of the paths to files we don't want them knowing about. Tell the Doctor I'll explain the Mew situation to him later."

Oh... Well the accent threw me off!

"Well, Doctor, I guess with your permission we'll send them the database changed how we like." Benga says, after shaking away his Deerling in the headlights expression. "By the way, drop by my office any time to ask Mewtwo to explain some of the events of the last month."

(So now that Celeste has transitioned from Scots, to Australian... Will he eventually settle into the queen's English like all Doctors before him?)
Etrian Odyssey; The only series where hardened warriors have to graduate from killing squirrels, armadillos and grasshoppers to still get stomped by a baboon.

User Info: GX1997

3 years ago#169
"Now that I think about it,he was holding my communicator.If I could use another,I can send him a message."

Please tell me you brought one,Grant.I don't want to have to ask someone else if I can borrow their's.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#170
"Huh, well I have mine." Grant says, pulling back the sleeve of his jacket. He detaches the wrist band from the device and hands it to Meridia. "I hope you have your frequency memorised, because at least for Privates we don't get any personal numbers."
Etrian Odyssey; The only series where hardened warriors have to graduate from killing squirrels, armadillos and grasshoppers to still get stomped by a baboon.
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