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What gym leader would you be?

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User Info: Coxydon

3 years ago#1
Use this site and generate one Pokemon.
The type of Pokemon you get will determine your Pokemon type, if it is a dual type, you may pick.
Then generate six Pokemon of that type, excluding legendaries, this will be your team
Then out of those six, decide which order you will use them, who will be your ace and if encountered, how far into the game you'd be (e.g. 8th badge)

I generated hitmonchan so I am a fighting gym leader.
I got:

The order I would use them would be:
And finally my ace Machamp, solely put him over infernape for being a pure fighting type and fittings fighting gym leader more :p

Due to my strong Pokemon and high level of evolutions I would rate my gym a strong one, being no lower than the 7th badge (in a game perpsective) although could be argued to 8th :p
Have fun, I hope more participate :D
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User Info: Coxydon

3 years ago#2
Bump :)
The Walking Dead game has made me question the consequences to every action in my day to day life..

User Info: RPGgamer777

3 years ago#3

EDIT: don't think I did it right. Generated

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User Info: vermillion719

3 years ago#4
Nidorina, Stunky, Croagunk, Tentacool, Gengar, Grimer.

Probably go with that same order, in fact, except put Gengar last. Probably be around the fourth or fifth gym, so I'm at a proper level to explain why I have a powerful fully evolved Pokemon amidst a team of unevolved ones.
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User Info: gamefatty

3 years ago#5
Since this is about bein a Gym Leader, I would have four pokemon max.
I chose fire, for me, it's:


Volcarona (Ace)

With this matchup, it's an 8th Gym, hands down.
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User Info: Kibalnuzuka

3 years ago#6
First Bug Gym Leader

Pineco Lvl 9 with Explosion. :D

Lvl 14 Pinsir
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User Info: GenjutsuCrow

3 years ago#7
The one who tries a new gimmick for his gym and gets fired for killing several trainers.
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User Info: Shotoetoe

3 years ago#8
A Normal type trainer

I'll have, in order:
Sawsbuck (spring)
Unfezant (male)
And my ace in the hole, Lopunny

For consistency reasons I'll not have NFE pokemon around.
I would probably be the 6th leader and my gym would be very flamboyant.
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User Info: Nakkaru

3 years ago#9
Dark Type:

Hydreigon (Ace)

Lots of dual coverages, excluding Liepard. I'd test basic type knowledge by leading with Liepard, dual with Crawduant, then throw Krookodile at them as their first test. Skuntank could probably wreak some havoc, and Bisharp wouldn't be too bad of a follow-up. If they get to Hydreigon, they might have some trouble I'd hope, being unprepared for a third stage Dragon type.

Obviously this would take the 8th gym slot, as there's a Hydreigon on the team and that's what, a level 64 Pokemon?
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User Info: TalesOfXAndY

3 years ago#10
Water type:
Swampert as my Ace

judging from my team i'd probably be 7th maybe 8th gym leader
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