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IVs for an idiot. Meaning me

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User Info: thekramer17

3 years ago#1
EVs ok I get.

I know what IVs stand for but how does it work? How do I get the pokemon I want with thr necessary IVs?
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User Info: Furio

3 years ago#2
check the breeding sticky. If you still have questions, you'll be able to ask more specifics after looking through that topic. Unfortunately it's too much to just retype right here for you haha!

User Info: Xeiros

3 years ago#3
Individual values. Every Stat has an IV value ranging from 0-31. This value literally represents exactly that many stat points in that particular stat at level 100. When you catch a Pokemon that Pokemon's IV values are set in stone and cannot be change in any way.

If you want to know how to acquire Pokemon with "Perfect(31 in a stat)" IV values refer to the breeding sticky near the top of the page.

User Info: Deoxys_Prime

3 years ago#4
IVs are values that a Pokemon comes with. They modify each stat slightly. They range from a value of 0-31.

An IV of 0 means that your Pokemon has the worst possible value for the stat. If you have maximum EVs and a boosting nature for the stat you're still quite a few stat points away from that species' maximum possible value in the stat.

An IV of 31 means that your Pokemon has the best possible value for the stat. You still need to apply EVs and have a positive nature to get the most out of the stat.

IVs are sort of like a hidden value that modifies the potential of the stat. They're usually completely random but now you can control them slightly when breeding. They're not quite as impactful as EVs but you still want good IVs so your Pokemon is stronger in general.

I hope that's simple enough.
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User Info: Dimlhugiona

3 years ago#5
It's actually quite simple.

IV's = Inherited Values = a hidden value that runs from 0 - 31 in each of the six stats (those being HP, attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed).

There's two formulas for determining stats, one for HP and one for the rest of them, but you don't really need to know either of those (they're in the EV sticky if you're curious). All you need to know is:

At level 50 -> 2 IV's = 1 stat point (assuming neutral nature)

At level 100 -> 1 IV = 1 stat point (assuming neutral nature)

So since IV's translate into stat points, it's usually advantageous to get them as high as possible in as many relevant stats as possible (I say "relevant stats" because sometimes you don't care about certain ones - for example, Blaziken usually doesn't care too much about Special Attack).

But here's the thing: IV's are predetermined. You can't change them once they're set.

So people breed. They get a Ditto from a friend safari (friend safari pokemon are guaranteed to get at least 2 IV's with a perfect value of 31) and breed it with the pokemon they want (let's say Blaziken) while having the ditto hold a power item (you get these from the Battle Maison. Power Anklet passes down speed, Power Weight passes down HP, etc.).

So Blaziken wants maxed speed, and maxed attack, at a bare minimum. You capture a Ditto with perfect attack and speed IV's, and you breed the two together with Ditto holding the Power Anklet. This guarantees the baby will have 31 speed IV's.

Then you take that baby, and breed it with the same Ditto, only this time you have it hold the Power Bracer (passes down attack). With a little luck, the baby will still have maxed speed, but will also have maxed attack.

Then you take that speed+attack baby, and breed it with a different ditto with HP maxed. With more luck, you get one with speed+HP+attack. That's how it works.

There's more details, but you can consult the sticky for that.

TL;DR version: IV's translate into stat points. Moar stats = gooder. Therefore, maxed IV's generally is the way to go, but since you can't change IV's you have to breed for them. Consult the breeding sticky.
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User Info: thekramer17

3 years ago#6
So its the power items that are passing down the IVs. Not the everstone?
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User Info: Halectic

3 years ago#7
The Everstone is to pass down the nature
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User Info: thekramer17

3 years ago#8
Ok so I have a ditto with perfect Ivs in hp and attack and another in speed and defense. So id have to breed the one and have it hold the power item or destiny knot. So it passes down the 2 IVs to the baby. Then id have to breed the baby with the other ditto to get the 4 IVs into the new baby?

Thats the part im confused over.
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