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Which of these Shinies should I give to this Girl

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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

3 years ago#1
I like this girl a lot imo lol before X/Y release we pinky promised to trade each other clawncher and skrelp. And we did!! (She has X and I have Y) We swap note a lot together lol and I shown her a song I made for Skyla lol

But anyways I have Shellder, Horsea and a Luvdisc lol

I was thinking the Shiny Luvdisc makes the most sense to give her lol for obvious symbolic reasons lol

But with a Shellder I could make it hold a Perl item or something lol or if there's a ring item (ring target? idk if it looks like a ring though) then I can do that lol and it'd be like a ring in a jewlery box lol

And then I also think the Skrelp makes sense lol because of how I have Y and She has X, so I'd be giving her a shiny Y exclusive!!

I can't think of anything for the horsea though. What do you think?
Females are the greatest beings in the universe!!!
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User Info: Xigbar777

3 years ago#2
Shiny Luvdisc. *****es love shiny Luvdiscs.
I'm a soldier in the war against fanboys. My only weapon? Reason.
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User Info: Pokedude21

3 years ago#3
Horsea gets the King's Rock because when it fully evolves, it's a Ki-- /shot
3DS FC:4296-3588-1943
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User Info: MoonLightCloud

3 years ago#4
I can't believe you're cheating on Skyla...
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User Info: lolcomotive

3 years ago#5
I'll do you one even better how 'bout dis swell Magikarp for the low low price of 500 pokedollars!
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User Info: x_Paradise

3 years ago#6
My gosh please stop with the "lol" every sentence, it just looks silly.

Give her the Horsea. Luvdisc is so worthless that she'll probably think you hate her.
matt - 3909 8004 5682

User Info: MarbyIsBack

3 years ago#7
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. SMH.

What would Skyla say?

Plus, dis gurl be using u, u do no dis, rite? lol

But really, don't trade a shiny. Ever. Not even to someone you adore. I know from experience, everyone you'll ever love eventually ends up stabbing you in the back one day.
nail. Nail.

User Info: leonodo

3 years ago#8
Give her the D
And by D I mean a Dugtrio named D, and nothing else
Sunshine is overrated...
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(message deleted)

User Info: RVR-87

3 years ago#10
what a beta male
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