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I love each and every one of you so much that I'm gonna start...

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User Info: SerperiorThanU

4 years ago#51
Ajenla posted...
SerperiorThanU posted...
Bowsaa posted...
SerperiorThanU posted...

And I must say, this really is quite generous of you, TC.

Oh, you can take mine if you want. If TC doesn't have the time, he doesn't have to do two, I've just restarted my file and I've started Rune Factory 4 so I might not be playing Pokémon for awhile.

Damn your name is clever.

I hate you for that.

Heh, my username is kind of in bad taste, it was created as an alt for another account (which wasn't quite so pretentious) like how a lead mod here has an alt called "You_Fail" but I gradually fell out of use of that one (even though the other one has more karma) and just started only using this one.

User Info: eDEe

4 years ago#52
Right looks like I might start getting to work on this tonight/tomorrow (but still, it wont be ready 'till 7th/8th) so it'll be appreciated if I get a couple more replies to secure the place of the first pokemon to breed.

User Info: AmicusNintendi

4 years ago#53
Gooey Goomy gets my vote. (Actually Technician Scyther does but Goomy has more votes as of now.)
My username is in Latin.

User Info: Zeskii

4 years ago#54
Zeskii posted...
Flygon is a sexy beast.

Never mind this, actually, just traded one of my 5 IV Ghastlys for one. Thanks, though.
i7-3970X@4.6 GHz - 3x EVGA GTX Titan - ASUS Rampage IV Extreme - Obsidian 900D - 2x Samsung 840 512 GB - 16 GB G.Skill DDR3 2400 - EVGA NEX 1500W

User Info: eDEe

4 years ago#55

User Info: KuroKaze333

4 years ago#56
Anticipation Eevee would be nice! :)
Pokemon X/Y Friend Code: 0387-8974-5174 (Grass) Petilil, Tangela, and Quilladin

User Info: eDEe

4 years ago#57
bump1 last time before i doze off

User Info: ANoblePose

4 years ago#58
thank you for doing this :)

User Info: eDEe

4 years ago#59

also bad news, i forgot that I dont have access to a ditto safari.. Can someone with ditto please add me?


Sorry about this I didn't even think about that lol.

Anyway like I said, 7th/8th I should start distributing them. You have my word :)

I will try my best to deliver to everyone here.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#60
Guess I'll go with the Goomy crowd.
Bouncy Squishy GOOMY.
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