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Anyone else think GF stepped back on the story a bit?

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User Info: KaradurAtani

4 years ago#21
Frost_LASER posted...
I think they should have went into the story with the tall man some more. The evil team was just lame.

I think a good break from the evil villainous team using a legendary Pokemon for power would be a nice change.

Completely agree, in the very brief time i saw of AZ I cared more about him than anything else going on.
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User Info: Gaming King

Gaming King
4 years ago#22
I mean the story in Pokemon games were never Oscar material, but RPGs, especially RPGs from Japan always had a more focused story, except for Pokemon games, which we all gave a free pass cause, c'mon, it's Pokemon.

But in Black and White, I thought they stepped it up a bit. The gym leaders were more involved, the Team Plasma actually felt like a threat. It just felt like the story in Pokemon was gonna start moving towards the rest of JRPGs. I mean, it's still not Final Fantasy level (The old ones, FFXIII and all it's horrible spin offs can suck it), but it was a step closer to that direction.

RBYFRLG and GSC (NOT the terrible remakes) were the only games I've played that had passable stories. All the new Teams have been idiotic. However, I have heard BW(2) have pretty good stories, but I haven't played more than an hour each of White and White 2, so I couldn't say.

So if they made the story in X and Y suck more, that's a real shame. I've heard that that's the case. But oh well. I'm getting it because it apologizes for a lot of the dumb crap they did in Gen V.

Also, YOU can suck it: FINAL FANTASY XIII is amazing if you forget about its terrible sequels. I loved what I played of that game so much (that is, everything before Chapter XI) that I'm going to go back and actually finish it soon. Theatrhyth reminded me of its unbelievably great music, so I'm gonna freaking do it.

Now, maybe the ending will suck, but it can't be bad enough to ruin the incredible, genuinely emotional moments that the game had leading up to where I'm at. People need to realize that games can be character dramas and can do a damn good job of it.
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User Info: deathscoconut

4 years ago#23
DAE absolutely hate the amount of time wasting crap you had to deal with in black and white? It's refreshing that X and Y got back to the pokemon challenges and stepped off of the soap box.
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User Info: DrHarlock

4 years ago#24
2Dhas_a_MIGRANE posted...
Sopheroo posted...
2Dhas_a_MIGRANE posted...
I thought the characters in this were much better than BW2 at least. And you didn't have annoying friend whose only motivation in life is to find his sister's Purloin.

No, you had annoying friend whose motivation in life was to make a DANCE TEAM, MAN

At least you didn't have to deal with him at every part of the game. And your other friends made it less bad on average.

I'm pretty sure I had to deal with at least one of those three obnoxious kids at every part of the game. God they were awful.
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User Info: eiriankageno

4 years ago#25
As a teacher, I have to argue against the 'best they can do for a kids game' argument. As someone who has worked with kids of all ages i have to say that kids too young to get/appreciate a decent story are also to young to play pokemon past the first gym. It's not a simple game. While I find first and second graders are interested in pokemon, they're more into the cards and concept. It's older kids that start playing. Add in the online aspects, which strike me as acknowledging how many adults play this game, and i have to say that it is extremely unlikely that the poor story comes from it being a kids game.
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#26
Zswordmaster posted...
I wanna see more AZ, I wanna battle him when he gets that spark of joy back in his life and he gets nice and cleaned up and has the motivation to REALLY be a MAN again. :(

Like, the current fight? pretty much perfect for where it's at and his progression as a character.

but I wanna see the finish, we've fought the shadow, now I want to fight the MAN.

Pokemon Z, Postgame. Climb a hidden mountain, where all the wild pokemon are 48-67. Some trainers, all have Lv 70 pokemon. Lots of hidden items, and it's where you find the Mega Salamence stone, or Salamencite. Puzzles, trap holes that force you back to the entrance, and ALL HMs are needed to progress.

At the end, you fight King AZ.

King AZ's Team

Adamant Golurk Lv 85
Full EVs in Attack and Special Def.
Shadow Sneak
Phantom Force

Modest Siglyph Lv 83
Full EVs in Special A. And Speed.
Psycho Boost

Adamant Salamence Lv 85
Full EVs in Attack and Speed.
Dragon Claw
Hold Item: Salamencite

Bold Wash Rotom Lv 87
Full EVs in Defense and Special Defense.
Thunder Wave
Hydro Pump

Modest Cresselia Lv 86
Full EVs in Special Def and Speed.
Double Team
Mirror Coat

Modest Floette Lv 91
Full EVs in Special Attack and Speed.
Sheer Cold
Hold Item: Lucky Pendant (All moves with less than 50% accuracy gain 30% accuracy)

Obviously, King AZ's Floette is unique. Oh, and all his Pokemon have max affection in Pokemon Amie and they get 10% more effects than you can.
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User Info: Tewlsy

4 years ago#27
I didn't mind the story. Genocidal villains is good enough for me on the serious scale and less boring than the likes of Rocket's generic Italian mob agenda. The only real problem I have with the game is character design. Both MCs are incredibly tasteless and boring for the first time ever in the series (IMO), the gym leaders are all freak shows with next to no personality and the members of an evil organization look like goddamn clowns. You'd think they would have tried to leave a good impression with the 3D models for the first time, but I guess not.
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