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Worst Generation of Starters?

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User Info: jokrayz

3 years ago#71
Worst.. mm.. probably gen 5.

I liked gen 6. besides their final evolutions. same with gen 1 (minus blastoise)
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User Info: Karnage4208238

3 years ago#72
this gen and imo this is the worst gen in pikamans history in every way
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User Info: tahunuvak1

3 years ago#73
Based on appearance I would say Gen V is the worst and I would rank Generations in the following order: I > IV > VI = II > III > V

User Info: nuke2099

3 years ago#74
Caolan_2k9 posted...
TheonTurncloak posted...
Gen I: All really awesome looking, and really three of the coolest pokemon of the gen.
Gen II: Typhlosion and Feraligatr look badass, Meganium is cool but a step down
Gen III: Swampert and Sceptile are in the same class as Meganium, and Blaziken is just weird.
Gen IV: The turtle with the island is pretty cool (blanking on name), but Infernape and Empoleon are uninspired and boring.
Gen V: All go out of their way to look particularly stupid.
Gen VI: A somewhat return to grace, with all starter designs being on the same level as Swampert/Sceptile/Meganium.

Overall: I > II > VI > III > IV > V

Not to start a debate or anything, but gen 1 starters are just as uninspired as any of the others.
Squirlte and wartorte and just small turtles and blastoise is just a giant turtle with water cannons. Charizard is just a pretty plain dragon, despite not being the type.

Charizard is a fire salamander with wings :P that's why its normally not dragon type.
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User Info: RayThrust

3 years ago#75
Gen 4 gotta be the worst.
Not a fan of the gen 5pig, but the other two are all right.

User Info: CaptainKatsura

3 years ago#76
Can't believe I'm seeing a ton of Gen 2 hate.Did everybody just forget about Typhlosion and Feraligatr or something?Easily the best set of starters IMO.

Anyways,I'd have to say Gen 5.I don't even bloody remember their starters,they were so bad.
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User Info: Sectotl

3 years ago#77
Probably generation 2, and the first forms of the gen 5 starters.

The best are easily the 3rd and 4th gen.
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User Info: Zabuzadono

3 years ago#78
jnethery posted...
HopeHubris posted...
makedounia posted...
GloryChaos posted...
Battle wise? Gen 2.
Looks wise? Gen 5.


Going to have to agree


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User Info: paipr

3 years ago#79
Much as I love the rest of the dex and much as I really enjoy the base stage of all three, gen 5's final stages are pretty bad. It's hard to argue the validity of emboar when the two fire fighters before did it better and emboar doesn't know what it wants to do. Superior is based when used inv a way it can't yet. And samurott is just dissapointing in multiple ways.

Gen 2 is close second as like five I feel little pull to use my starter in game.
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User Info: The_Undest

3 years ago#80
Hate gen 3. Swampert is ugly IMO and not crazy about the Blaziken. Like Sceptile though.

Although I'm seeing that my love of first gen seem to be mostly nostalgic. I'm playing this one and can't seem to REALLY want a first gen starter on my team. Don't get me wrong I still like them but am not as anxious to get them on my team. like I thought I would
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