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Which Gym Leader/E4 did their type best? #11 - Psychic

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User Info: NegaZelda

4 years ago#1
Which was the best Psychic-type Gym Leader/E4? - Results (183 votes)
51.91% (95 votes)
3.83% (7 votes)
Liza & Tate
14.75% (27 votes)
9.84% (18 votes)
13.11% (24 votes)
6.56% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So, since we've had some time to get used to the Kalos leaders and E4, I felt we should start seeing where they stand in regards to other region's Gym Leaders and Elite 4. Are they more popular? Are they more challenging?

Only 2 Kalos types left now and so we move onto another type that is somewhat popular: Psychic. A trainer specializes in this type in every Gen, much like Fighting. I always find these trainers to be good: Sabrina has those teleporters that send you everywhere your first time through along with some development in her character. Will is the Psychic version of Wallace, which is cool. Liza & Tate are unique in that they're the only Gym Leader(s) you fight in a Double Battle for their badge. Lucian might just be the only Psychic specialist without any psychic abilities. Caitlin has a lot of backstory with regards to her powers and the Battle Castle. Finally, Olympia seems to be this Gen's most popular Gym Leader with her design and her gym's layout. Like Electric, I'm struggling to choose!

As usual, you're voting for the one you personally think was the best. This could be because of their design, personality, difficulty or gym/room layout or whatever else you see fit.

NOTE: Liza and Tate are not separated because they are fought together in their gym and are, for all intents and purposes, a single unit in regards to number of Gym Leaders in Hoenn. PWT is not their gym battle.

Quick Results:

Grass: 1st - Gardenia: 46.58% of the votes; Ramos came 3rd (out of 4) with 12.33% of the votes.
Fire: 1st - Blaine: 47.67% of the votes; Malva came 3rd (out of 5) with 16.26% of the votes.
Water: 1st - Misty: 30% of the votes; Siebold tied for 3rd with Crasher Wake (out of 7) with 19% of the votes each.
Fighting: 1st - Marshall: 28.44% of the votes; Korrina came 4th (out of 6) with 14.68% of the votes.
Electric: 1st - Lt. Surge: 39.34% of the votes; Clemont came last (out of 5) with 4.1% of the votes.
Bug: 1st - Aaron: 43.04% of the votes; Viola came 3rd (out of 4) with 20.25% of the votes.
Ice: 1st - Lorelei: 26.92% of the votes; Wulfric came 3rd (out of 6) with 23.08% of the votes.
Rock: 1st - Brock: 55.45% of the votes; Grant came last (out of 4) with 10.91% of the votes.
Dragon: 1st - Lance: 37.33% of the votes; Drasna came last (out of 6) with 6% of the votes.
Steel: 1st - Jasmine: 50.43% of the votes; Wikstrom came 2nd (out of 3) with 27.83% of the votes.

Bonus Poll Results:

Professors: 1st - Oak: 43.83% of the votes; Sycamore came 2nd (out of 7) with 30.84% of the votes.

Links to past topics (more detailed results):

If life gives you lemons, sell 'em to Tom Nook.
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User Info: NegaZelda

4 years ago#2
If life gives you lemons, sell 'em to Tom Nook.
Black 2 FC: 0132-9980-0476, 3DS FC: 5284-2520-2972 (Pokemon IGN: Aki)

User Info: Mr_Popel

4 years ago#3
Sabrina ... because she'll always be in my mind as the gym leader who kicked Ashs butt so hard, that he had that he had to resort to cheating to win the badge ... exposing him as the mind boggingly stupid cheat he really is. (in the Anime of course)

... thx Sabrina!

... and also thx to mini Sabrina too
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User Info: CheckmateD1

4 years ago#4
Definitely Sabrina.

Honorable mention to Lucian as well though.
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User Info: NegaZelda

4 years ago#5
Bump #2.
If life gives you lemons, sell 'em to Tom Nook.
Black 2 FC: 0132-9980-0476, 3DS FC: 5284-2520-2972 (Pokemon IGN: Aki)

User Info: FashionFreak

4 years ago#6
I like how in the anime they say use ghost to beat psychic, but there were only 3 ghost pokemon in gen 1, and all three were weak to psychic. And psychic wasn't weak to ghost

User Info: gpstylez

4 years ago#7
Hello Aki :)

I gotta go oldschool with Sabrina on this one.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#8
Emerald Liza & Tate put up the best fight. I'm measuring Sabrina on FRLG standards because Gen I Psychic was completely broken and not a fair assessment of her actual team.
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User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#9
Yeah, I had to vote Sabrina. Probably the gym leader (and by extension, trainer and in game fight XD) I've ever had the most trouble with XD Although Lance in yellow when I was 8 comes very close.

NegaZelda posted...
Because not all Champions can be identified as type specialists...

Just wanted to say, ok. Never got around to responding in the other topic cuz I'm dumb, so just wanted to acknowledge that you bothered to reply :D that makes a lot of sense, actually.
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User Info: Tyranidomega

4 years ago#10
Has Sabrina ever made a reappearance in the anime?
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